Hello greycoats lovers, lurkers, and possible lunatics,

We’re making a little change around here.  From now on, no more aliases or nicknames.  Everyone who comments will be required to give a full name and a valid e-mail address.  We are interested in Christian accountability in our lives and we should be striving to be just as authentic online as anywhere else.  Furthermore, you must have had one comment approved through a catch-all moderation in order to make further comments on our posts.  Its a halfway point between no moderation and total moderation of comments.  So……we hope you enjoy the blog, but just know that we will be requiring full names (even for regulars like IWantthetruth and others… offense guys, its just a good overall policy.)


Nathaniel Ruland



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17 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. Yes, natrimony is no more.

  2. Sniff, Sniff…….I have some digital tissues handy for you all.

  3. desean jones

    How do we sign on? darlene

  4. TimH

    OK! Thanks for picking on me….. sniff, where do I get some of that digital or cyber tissue?

    Moderate away, I think that is a good idea anyway… keeps those threat posts off of here.

  5. TimH

    Oh by the way… why don’t you use a different map thingy instead of what you use? Nobody seems to use it. I personally like the one that was used on Drews site and I think LBOLM uses the same one. The one that you have really loads up poorly even on my brand new rebuilt 2009 superfast, high tech, self dispensing coffee and bisquotti and facial “crying” tissue unit.

  6. I’m not the map guy…but I think I can find the mug.

  7. Polycarp

    Guys, I ain’t changing my name – got a state job to protect, but as Jarrod knows from my email, my real name is Joel.

  8. Polycarp,

    Then Joel + first letter of your last name will do. Polycarp won’t do though here. Sorry.

  9. Polycarp

    Gentlemen, I have no problem signing my name on here, if that is okay, but I cannot change my overall name. Hence, – Joel

  10. jarrod

    thats ok with me

  11. Polycarp


    I name is Joel L. Watts, and I will sign it so with every time I visit. I believe in your mission, and I want to support it as much as possible. – Joel L. Watts

  12. jarrod

    Thank you. that is most appreciated. We think this measure will help us all. Not to only keep crazy people from doing stuff like well whatever it is they do,but also it is always easier to remain accountable in what we ost if we are not using aliases.

  13. Hey guys, good call. I may follow suite at my blog.


    p.s. Jarrod- I got time today I may give you a call.

  14. I can’t give my full name, but Logan should hopefully be enough for ya’ll!

  15. Logan,

    We’d appreciate a last initial.

  16. Joel,

    You are a good man. Keep on keepin’ on.

  17. Spirit Filled Berean

    You know I left the church I was attending in September and I have been happily going to a different church. It is very sound doctrinally. Haven’t talked alot about it with anyone, but am planning to come out and do more talking at least on line. One of the things that made me leave was my previous church was beginning to talk a lot about and purchase guns . I live close to that church, and really don’t want anyone there to know what I am thinking . So I have been using an alias on line. Sorry guys but the alias has to stay to protect my kids from the craziness .

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