Rest in peace

On June 1st Mr. Gruen went to be with the Lord. Regardless of where you fall on the issue of the document that Mr. Gruen wrote I ask you to throw one up for his family and friends.

Grace and peace be on you all.



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3 responses to “Rest in peace

  1. When I got saved in the late 70’s, Ernie Gruen was pastoring Full Faith Church of Love, which was still on 42nd street off Shawnee drive in Kansas City Kansas. As a new christian, the life that was in that church was amazing to me. His ministry helped me to stay in fellowship with God and each service he preached planted new life in me that gave me strength in my walk with the Lord, whom I am still serving today. Though Ernie had problems, as every man does no matter how powerful in ministry that they are, he made a huge difference in my life. The message of the cross that he focused on went deep into the core of my being and is still their for the faith I need to live for Jesus. He had a heart to help people, and he did just that. He wrote a book I read called ;
    “Freedom to Choose”
    In the book he takes you through the all important process of forgiving any and all people in your life that had caused you pain, and showed you in very simple terms how to forgive. That was by far the best lesson for my life since God does require us to forgive, as a condition of His forgiveness towards us.
    Ernie Gruen lived for others, that is what Jesus did.

  2. EricW

    Ernie Gruen’s obituary, where you can also leave comments for the family:

  3. Wow,

    I’ve been at the beach for awhile and had no idea.

    Well, Ernie was the last living man holding real clout who has stood up to Mike Bickle. That took true grit.

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