This is getting redonculous.

Is this Guy for real? I mean really? I am havin’ a bit of trouble believing anyone could even begin to think this guy legit. Rippin’ off the annointing from some dead guy’s bones. Redonculous absolutley redonculous.



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7 responses to “This is getting redonculous.

  1. Diane S.

    More snake oil, smoke and mirrors…they have to go to the “dead” because they’re not finding that their theology works in the real world…a last-ditch attempt?

  2. Hmmm….I don’t think its a last ditch effort. Crowder is completely unreserved in his lust for the supernatural…in his mind whatever brings the ‘glowray’ is justifiable. He twists a teaching about common grace from the scriptures to validate blatant weirdness. Furthermore, taking examples from the OT and applying them literally using a naive modern hermeneutic is laughable…not to mention annoying (i.e. Elisha’s bones 2 Kings 13.21).

  3. Crowder is so bizarre that its amazing that anyone can take him seriously. John Crowder does not worry me. What worries me is that he can actually get invited to a local church and conduct meetings. The pastors that allow him in their churches give him, at least to their sheep, some validation. For this, those pastors – one day will have to answer. I suspect that the judgement they recieve could actually be far worse than Crowder, who is simply mentally ill, demon possessed, or both. Think millstones.

  4. Rob

    Bill, Spot on. It isn’t Crowder that worries me. It is those who give him a platform. I can go to IHOP right now and buy his book. That’s the problem.

  5. Near the end there when he flips out in ‘tongues’ it makes me think that this man is posessed. He MOCKS the Lord with what he says or deems as glorifying.

    He makes me sick and there’s nothing he can do to make me well, that’s for sure— so his ‘flag planting’ for being known as a healer is busted already.

    However, his flag-planting for being a total fruitloop has been established for a long time.

  6. Rob,

    The interesting thing about JC is that if you’ve ever read anything by him he actually uses the same propositional reasoning (ineffectively) that he and his followers rail against on video and in person. He attempts to intelligently marginalize the need for intelligently examining one’s faith. His prose is engaging and charismatic…full of touting any/all sacred cows….Crowder feeds on controversy. But, he uses the legacy of systematic-dogmatic hermeneutics in his books to prop up his youtube destructionist new-mystical -gibberings by inserting prooftexts, examples from apocrypha, church history, etc. Needless to say his appearance on camera and in print are two different shapes. However, I’ve often noted that his prose is engaging (definitely charismatic) and (in this way) similar to his video persona…full of touting any/all sacred cows….Crowder feeds on controversy. I’m sure that he feels that it would be the height of spirituality to descend upon a church and leave it a confusing mess of anti-intellectual, deconstructed, orgiastic, spasmodic, writhing pit of the enlightened, now free to move in signs and wonders. You can’t reason with him or his followers. They view reason through the same lens as many emergen(t)ingers…as their sole prerogative.

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