Can you dig it? Get down with the shing ding of Heaven!

As someone who was redeemed from the drug culture all I can say is POSERS! POSERS! POSERS!



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16 responses to “Can you dig it? Get down with the shing ding of Heaven!

  1. Uhhhh….Montanists are so wacky.

  2. jarrod

    sure are… those wild and crazy guys. I especially like how they pretend to be high. and man that cross pipe thing was awesome. how do i get in on that shing ding ? I mean I wanna trade an authentic relationship with Christ for some kinda 2cnd rate buzz, that would be great. I can’t believe people buy this stuff.

  3. TimH

    Oh, wait, I thought this was a youtube of a SNL skit. My mistake… Hope they didn’t get splinters in their lips…

  4. IWanthetruth

    OK, Have you got me on spam watch or something or am I blocked out. I have sent 4 or 5 comments and I am bombed out under my name.

    I said, Oh, wait, I thought this was from SNL. I hope they didn’t get splinters in their lips.

  5. Diane S.

    Wow. I. Am. Speechless.

  6. jarrod

    Speechless? I’m not. this is the sort of thing that these cats are tryin to pass of as a new kind of mysticism? How sad. I mean I would actually try to mount some kind of defense against these guys but I mean come on. I can’t do it. I simply pity them and all who think they are legit men of God. It is so sad. I am sure that someone will come on here and cry about how what these men are doing is somehow o.k. but it matters not. If this is what passes for the power of the Holy Spirit to these folks then I am not sure any answer I could give for why its wrong would work. Sad to say these guys are truly false prophetic ministers in the pattern of their forebears.

  7. Diane S.

    They are false, no doubt, as well as very bizzare. I suspect that there’s something else they are high on other than their theology. Why is it that this ZZ Top-ish guy wears sunglasses all the time? Is he hiding his eyes?

    Honestly though, when one assumes that God exisits for our benefit only, and is obligated to grant us everything we want if we put the right coin into the Divine vending machine, it doesn’t surprise me that such extremes result.

    God is not mocked though…mark my words, just like Todd Bentley, some sort of scandal will emerge eventually, just like all the other forbearers.

  8. IWanthetruth

    Bob DeWaay speaks alot in his radio progrms and uses Deut. 29:29 as a verse that speaks to these issues of the mystics. He shows how the secret things of God are His and His alone and anyone seeking after these secret things (mystics, etc.) are involved in the occult. He links it all together and shows the dangers of going outside those things that God has revealed to us in His word that are sufficient for life (all contained in the scriptures) and that these people are close to or involved in the occult which is unacceptable by God!

    Tim H

  9. IWanthetruth

    Go here

    and look for Feburary 5th show and the following 3 more after this one. Very, Very interesting and he explains the vers(s) in context in what I posted.

    Tim H

  10. Diane S.

    The problem is that those caught up in mysticism think that because they are Christians, they cannot be deceived because they have the Holy Spirit, who will lead them into all truth. Even though the practices themselves have occultic origins, they are “sanctified” since they are seeking the true God instead of demons. They would say the Deut. passage was “Old Covenant” (A conveniently used argument), and that God is “bigger than the Bible”.

    Those are the arguments I got from the Senior Pastor of the church we left several years ago.

  11. IWanthetruth

    Yes I understand that issue and I believe aside from God opening their eyes to the truth as he was gracious enough to do with me and many others, they are locked in their deception so as to “tickle the ears” of others.

    But in reality they are just applying world paganism to the things of God and I still believe those things spoken of in Duet 28-30 are an abomination to the Lord. Yes the covenant has changed, and Jesus fulfills the law but the principles of the things God gave to the Israelites still holds today.

    Interesting also, when I read those chapters this morning, was how the blessings and curses come from God for not being obedient and not from Satan as taught in the curses teachings of deliverence ministries these days.

    These people with all of their man-made programs and sup-posed methods to get closer to God are nothing more than either binding people to things that are not of God or else loosing us into things that God has not established in His word. Not a binding or loosing as in deliverence ministries.

    Tim H

  12. IWanthetruth

    They would say the Deut. passage was “Old Covenant” (A conveniently used argument), and that God is “bigger than the Bible”.

    They also say that we are putting God in a box but another reality is that God has put us in a box in order to protect us and keep us from doing things that are not of his providencial plan.

    Well, if I make that statement maybe the providential plan is to allow these people become decieved decievers in order to bring His purposes about anyway. Ultimately, the coming of (return) the King to rule and reign.

    Tim H

  13. Diane S.

    I agree; it’s no different than the situation when Aaron’s sons (I think they were the ones) who offered “strange fire” on the altar, except that those participants were judged immediately. Along with it’s many dangers, mysticism is really just another form of legalistic hoop jumping.

  14. Diane S.

    Out of curiosity, I just watched “John Crowder and Ben Dunn Get Arrested” on You Tube. Absolutely disgusting and even more revolting than the clip shown here. The comments were even sadder…some very disillusioned young people think that this is spritual.

    If I were them, I would install a lightening rod on my roof…

  15. IWanthetruth

    Obviously a put on, but pure mockery of the Lord God Almighty.

    Sometimes I wish God would do some kind of REAL miracle that would just put them in their place. I personally would not want to stand before the Lord on that DAY!

    Tim H

  16. I am speechless. If ever there was a case of: “The lights are on but NOOOOOOOO one’s at home”…this is it.

    Did they learn this from IHOP by any chance??? 😉

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