More from our friend and new mystic Mr John Crowder.

I think what gets me about these guys is the way they act like fools and are applauded for it. Now I know the whole fool for Christ defense but this is not what Paul was talking about. Saddly many think it is. OY OY OY OY !! May God be merciful to all who imbibe whatever the friar Tuck angels are giving to them.



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11 responses to “More from our friend and new mystic Mr John Crowder.

  1. IWanthetruth

    I think I have mentioned this before, but I had read a site with a post that had a question regarding theology that was sent to this man. I was surprised at his answer in that it was orthodox and was along the lines of reformed theology. I wish I could find it, but it showed that this man is educated and knows the truth, but has decided to ignore it and go the route of feelings/experiences.

    I am again sadened and angered by the mockery that he is leading others into.

  2. Diane S.

    It doesn’t really matter what he SAYS he believes; he is showing by his actions what he does believe, “Oy-oy-oy”.

  3. IWanthetruth

    Exactly, much like alot of other ministries that say one thing, even post the right “This is what we believe”, etc. but alot different from the pulpit.

    Tim H

  4. IWanthteruth

    Crosses himself like an catholic… oinks his way through prayer ( listen to Brian Flinn tell about New Age practices and see some simularity here) then tells us throught out church history people show up it two places at once?????????


    Tim H

  5. I think he is in fact drunk and not on the Spirit, but spirits.

  6. Diane S.

    I just checked out the website Very, very disturbing…

  7. matthew

    Hi, have recently e mailed Rick Joyner to complain about having this man at HIM at morningstar. (No reply as yet- next step an air mail letter, as I live in London).I am really horrrified that this man is spreading blatant, maybe even deliberate blasphemy, of the most extreme kind, and he is being promoted by much of the church.
    When I first came across John Crowder I assumed that he was a fringe nutcase who nobody would accept as genuine. Sadly, I was wrong.
    If I sound angry about this-I am. He is leading young people into terrible deception.I think christians must keep protesting about this until some “leader” somwhere has the courage/sense to do something about his growing influence.

  8. Diane S.

    Perhaps part of the problem is that instead of “Making disciples”, churches are “Making converts” instead?

  9. Timh

    The scary part for me is that I read a response from him regarding a theological/biblical question and the man was spot on with his answer.

    Very dangerous when a person who “seems to know” the word yet teaches something different on the outside.

    The problem? Does He really “know” the Living Word? That only God will judge, but I discern watch out for the imparting of the word of God in truth!

  10. matthew

    Hi, yes Diane, I am sure that is part of the problem.

    I had an interesting response from Morningstar-basically, this isn’t our conference, he has rented the facilities…a poor argument in my view (and I realised that in that first place). I think you still have a responsibility, if you are a Christian conference centre/hotel, who you allow to place a booking.Allowing someone to use the place, and promoting it on your website, is bound to be seen as an endorsement. None the less, it sounds like they want to distance themselves from it a bit.

    I agree with your posts Tim: I think that John Crowder is a scoundrel, to use an old fashion word, but a crafty one, which makes him more dangerous. He understands how to mix in enough truth, and references to other ministries, to suck people in, and then slips in some dreadful nonsense or blasphemy. By way of an example- I have seen references to John Piper and his “Christian Hedonism” book (sorry, the title slips my mind, I read it a while ago). I am sure John Piper would be appalled to be mentioned by such people and it is of course a total twisting of all that he is saying,nor do they mention anything else he has written. “The supremacy of God in preaching” is, I think, one of the finest Christian books around, and it is difficult to think of anyone more opposed to the message of that book than John Crowder.

  11. Matthew,

    Why would they care about Crowder? They’ve got Bentley, and Joyner’s theology itself is Dominionist/MSoG.


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