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Emergent Leader Ravished by Ramadan

So Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan.  Not only that but he’s recruiting you (indirectly…..far be it from him to proselytize openly, that would be tantamount to spiritual violence) by preying on the white guilt which is common enough in today’s younger Evangelical circles. This is hardly a motivation for any kind of authentic Christian outreach.

According to the names of diversity, tolerance, multi-culturalism, and awareness a new banner ethic has arisen.  And, it is not a Christian one.  It is the propositional content found in the gospel of Christ which spans cultural-religious boundaries, rather than a nebulous sense of common cultural-religiosity being a bridge to the gospel of Christ.  There is a fine line between contexualization and compromise.  Unfortunately, the lines of pluralism become fuzzier when Christian leaders bash down the truth in the name of understanding.



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