Emergent Leader Ravished by Ramadan

So Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan.  Not only that but he’s recruiting you (indirectly…..far be it from him to proselytize openly, that would be tantamount to spiritual violence) by preying on the white guilt which is common enough in today’s younger Evangelical circles. This is hardly a motivation for any kind of authentic Christian outreach.

According to the names of diversity, tolerance, multi-culturalism, and awareness a new banner ethic has arisen.  And, it is not a Christian one.  It is the propositional content found in the gospel of Christ which spans cultural-religious boundaries, rather than a nebulous sense of common cultural-religiosity being a bridge to the gospel of Christ.  There is a fine line between contexualization and compromise.  Unfortunately, the lines of pluralism become fuzzier when Christian leaders bash down the truth in the name of understanding.



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7 responses to “Emergent Leader Ravished by Ramadan

  1. Tim H

    Among the core values of Ramadan are self control, expressing kindness, and resolving conflicts. For this reason, if we are criticized or misunderstood by Christians, Muslims, or others for this endeavor, we will avoid defending ourselves or engaging in arguments.

    He must have taken his que from another leader that you mentioned in past who decided he didn’t need to defend his prophecies or teachings.

    Yikes! And of course you know that Obama ignored “Day of Prayer” but celebrated Ramadan in the White House and did an audio piece to the Muslims of the world.

    Isn’t this exciting to see the biblical prophecies coming to pass?

  2. Diane S.

    The statement “…If we are criticized or misunderstood by … Muslims, or others…” makes me wonder why they are choosing to do this as a “bridge building” effort, if in fact they will be offending the very ones they are trying to reach? I think at the very least, it would be viewed as lame; at the worst, blasphemy.

  3. zoecarnate

    Eh – most Muslims don’t think it’s blasphemy; they see it as hospitality. There are many ways to see this…

  4. jarrod

    Here are some statements that the majority of Muslims would consider “shirk” or “blasphemy”
    1 God alone is God and Jeshua is His Son.
    2 God alone is God, But god is not alone.
    3Yah is not a singular monad.
    4Jesus is God.
    5The Holy Spirit is God
    6The Father is God
    7God is Trinity.

    while it has become trendy for the uninformed to say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God nothing could be further from the truth. We Christians worship the Holy Trinity not some singular monadic being. Yah is God and He does beget, as opposed to Allah is God and He does not beget. It matters not if we try to compromise informed Muslims will not allow us to do so without apostatizing ourselves. Nor should we be too concerned with trying to paint a picture of 2 religions with the same God. Christians are not polytheistic nor are we monotheistic in the strictest sense, we are Trinitarian. We dont need to be in either club. we have our own.

  5. zoecarnate,

    You grace us with your presence my beautifully verbose (but mildly addled) companion.

  6. zoecarnate

    Why thank you. I am indeed mildly addled, though perhaps not in the ways that you might think…

  7. Providential

    Brian mclaren is a complete lying apostate, as are all the emergent leaders.

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