The great need of this day is for someone to interpret the reality of the situation in which many Americans are unwittingly saturated in.  There is a sense in which this generation, this culture, this society is experiencing a degree of life-choices that previous ages could only dream about and which most of the world will never attain.  Yesterday I was sent on an errand to the grocery store by my beautiful (and very pregnant) wife.  So, understandably, I obeyed with only the slightest whimper at being torn from my studies.  And what was the dire need which so abruptly ended my studious task?  Well, I was truly at fault…for I had forgotten to get a desert for her mother’s Thanksgiving day dinner, which was to commence within the half-hour.  As I stepped into the gleaming desert section of my local grocery I was instantly panicked by the sheer immensity of choice.  Cheesecake, buttercake, carrotcake, apple pie, strudel, parfait, and that doesn’t even count the frozen desert section!  Enough treats to satisfy the most insatiable sweet tooth.  What freedom!  Right?  Well, that is not what I thought when I realized the wide range of available decisions open before me…only one of which I was sure would satisfy my mother in law.  No, I did not feel free in this situation…in fact the liberty I was presented with felt more burdensome than anything else.  But why would my spirit feel burdened by such liberty?  Could it be because all of my upbringing, my day to day existence, and every media outlet screams out a false freedom?  A freedom that is actually forging stronger bars across our cages, shortening our chains, bringing not liberty but eternal captivity.  The privilege of opulence prattles against the soul.

Thanksgiving.  What does that mean?  Turkey day, Cowboys football, Black Friday.  Freedom FROM school, work, or whatever for a few days?  Or is Thanksgiving a freedom TO!?  The offerings of thanksgiving to a Sovereign God are the ultimate evidence of freedom…the heartfelt gratitude for eternal mercy.  Freedom to worship and lay aside all other concerns before a benevolent God.  This was my thought amidst all of the consuming customers tripping over each other to buy canned green beans, biscuit dough, and yes…pumpkin pie.


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  1. Reminds me of the freedom in the Garden, where there was only one wrong choice, which contained within itself the foundation of all wrong choices.
    ‘I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for You.’

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