Follow up responses to Kundalini warning.

Here are some testimonies and replies to Andrew Strom’s Kundalini warning. We should all sit back and question where this is truly going. To start you off I have a few questions of my own.

1. Are these experiences truly biblically defensible ? By that I mean drunkenness in the Spirit, animal noises, uncontrollable laughter, etc .

2. How does one answer the statement that Kundalini is only the devil’s counterfeit of the real thing ? ( If you haven’t heard this statement before just give it some time you will)

3. How can we as brethren in the Lord confront the many who follow this nonsense in a constructive manner ? (admittedly if the house is condemned it will probably have to be torn down before construction can begin.)

4. Is it not time to throw political Christian correctness out the window where it has always belonged and face this stuff head on and fearlessly. By that I mean we risk our friendships, our reps, our …well whatever it takes to try and get our brethren to turn away from these false teachers and experiences.

5. Lastly are we praying for these people or are we just outraged and vengeful toward them ?


5 replies/ comments are below:

“D” writes:
I went to Lakeland 3 times. I was so drawn to go there. I really
thought it was of God… I had so many supernatural experiences –
to seeing a mystical Jesus with a third eye, angels talking to me,
visions, being transported. I had one experience with my daughter
being in the room and her experiencing it too. I was roaring like a
lion, had gold dust and many other experiences. The worst thing
that happened to me is that it got sexual. This false Jesus was
approaching me sexually and I fell into it. I still to this day do
not understand how I could have been so decieved. I have been
a Christian since the age of 16. I am 49 now… I fell right in… hook,
line and sinker. When I came home that last viist I became aware
it was demonic, and I was surrounded and covered with demons
literally, it was so horrible, all that I went through, you cannot
imagine… I was seeing demons and being touched sexually and
tormentingly constantly.. it has been 1 1/2 years and I am still
battling these demonic spirits. I cry out to the Lord everyday for
total deliverance. It has been horrible. I have renounced and
repented, but still fighting. How do we get free of this?

SHERIE writes:
I can testify that I was infested with this foul eastern spirit, the
kundalini. I was in a movement from 1992 – 2000 which had close
links with the Toronto movement. From 2000 – 2006 I joined a
church with links to Bill Johnson.
I was desperate for God to move in my life and change situations
and heal hurts and was very open to ministry – I had many in this
movement touch my forehead and experienced the manifestations
you describe – drunkenness, laughing and crying, shaking. I got
dreams and visions and just before I left the structure (church) I
had a vivid dream of a huge python that came through the back
door and attached itself to my car, and also to rooms in my home.
I was very disturbed and sought the Lord for an answer.

It took about 6 months before I was delivered, but God brought a
couple over my path who God had trained and had victory over
spiritual entities. Every time I was in their presence, I would get
very anxious, and they would calmly pray for me and I could feel
darkness leaving and my sanity restored. It was only after 6 months
of these episodes, I was again in their presence and sensed a fight
ensue in the Spirit. I was very anxious and fearful and could feel
a huge snake in my spine – I was rigid and very uncomfortable – It
felt as if this thing wanted to throttle me and rob me of my life. I
called out to God and they quietly prayed – then I asked the Lady
to pull this serpent out of my head – it felt as if it could exit near
the top of my crown. She continued to pray and I got the word
“kundalini ” in my spirit and just commanded this thing by its
name to go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I pled the blood
as it was very frightening, and it left. I felt like a washed out rag,
but I was free!

That was the last lime I had deliverance and my spiritual eyes have
since opened and God has done a mighty work in me outside of
the structure… Afterwards they were amazed and asked me what
strange term I had used and where it came from – I had no idea
except that it was God who gave me knowledge in that situation.
Thank you for the info that has made everything clear to me!I Now
have confirmation from where I was infected! May many of your
readers heed the call of God to “come out and sever yourselves”
from Babylon and its lies and deception and foul spirits, while
there is time…

LUCY writes:
David Wilkerson also mentioned the kundalini spirit, and I
researched it in late October, after having attended the Fredericks-
burg (Virginia) Prayer Furnace at which Che Ahn ministered.
There, I saw many of the manifestations you mention: hopping
and jumping during “worship”, falling backward at Che Ahn’s touch,
extreme jerkiness in several cases. Very uncomfortable with this,
I came home and watched (my first time ever) videos of Todd
Bentley. Needless to say, I was appalled…

SARAH writes:
I’m just about in tears over all of this…
May and I watched the very first nights of the recent “outpouring
of the Holy Spirit” on the IHOP webstream and boy, did that turn
sour fast. Aside from the singing on the first night, everything was
just messed up. AHH! It’s breaking my heart! How many people
do we know and love in KC?!
I’ve watched my beloved siblings laugh uncontrollably, jerk as
though sick, stumble and speak as though drunk, and “sing in
tongues” in complete chaos and without interpretation. I’ve raised
the issue among friends of being “drunk in the Spirit” and even
though I prove over and over that God is for self-control, which they
agree with, they continue to act like drunken fools! (See Titus 1:8
and 2:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:6-7 which compared in the NKJV and
NIV relates self-control with being sober, pointing to the fact that
the Holy Spirit is not one who takes delight in being drunk at all,
but in being sober-minded – fruit of the Spirit, what? Drunkenness
is the complete opposite of being filled with the Holy Spirit! For
sober-mindedness is a filling of Him!; 1 Peter 1:13, 4:7, and 5:8 …

BRENDA writes:
A very dear friend of mine who has been my prayer partner for
years were lured into the enemy’s web of deception about many
of the ministries and manifestations that you spoke about. After
reading and listening to your web broadcasts we had a powerful
prayer session repenting, renouncing, and commanding any spirit
that we had picked up from these false prophets/doctrines of
demons, etc. to go from us in Jesus’ name. We broke all kinds
of things off of us. Most of it was deep repentance and renouncing –
thank you for exposing the enemy and his tactics and all the
deception that the church body has fallen deeply into…

ANDREW STROM: Yes – if you have had “hands laid” or done
“soaking prayer” under any of these kinds of ministries, it is very
important to RENOUNCE (from the very depths of your being in
Jesus’ name) and also COMMAND OUT these ‘kundalini’ spirits
or any other “anointing” that you have received. Remember, you
must VIOLENTLY EXPEL these things in the name of JESUS.
Be FREE in His mighty name!

I truly wonder what God is going to do to those ministries who
have been spreading this alien spirit right through the Body of
Christ. Truly, Judgment must begin “at the house of God.”

Blessings to all,

Andrew Strom.

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19 responses to “Follow up responses to Kundalini warning.

  1. Uhhh….one more reason to be a boring old Presbyterian.

  2. But seriously,

    Question #2 is the kicker. In essence what they will say is that the object of worship (Jesus) purifies the means (Oriental spiritism). Ask the players in Lev.10:1 how that works out in God’s eyes. Or examine Paul’s “narrowness” in limiting the “free worship expressions” of the Corinthian church. Or on a macro scale look at the continued indictments found in the book of Judges that “each man did what was right in his own eyes.” Yes, there is precedent for exuberant worship in the Scripture. But, there is much more evidence which shows that God does have preferences when it comes to accepting worship. Go figure, the creator of all order has prescription for how his subjects should approach him with praise. Who does he think he is?

  3. Anatomy of Deception-My Morningstar Experience

    The following is an experience I had concerning Morningstar, in 2008. It caused some very real changes to take place within me, as I realized the hard way I was asleep at the helm. Our God will do whatever it takes to refine us into being His legitimate sons/daughters. I need to add that I had quit reading any material from Rick Joyner some six years prior, as the overall tone was increasingly Gnostic. But I was not well informed about NAR, (New Apostolic Reformation) nor was I aware of the philosophy that compels them.

    In April of 2008, before I had seen any sort of video from Lakeland, a friend of ours sent us a link to Rick Joyner’s Morningstar ministries as it said there appeared to be a revival going on. As I viewed the video, my first response was, “this is great! At last there is revival happening there.” I passed the link on to some friends of mine. What I did not do was go into some serious prayer time, ask the Lord if this was of Him, and undergo the appropriate research that would help establish the fact that what was actually happening was in truth a revival brought about through the move of God’s Holy Spirit. I acted quite presumptuously, and what followed was a lesson that I hope never to repeat.

    All of us that are born of God’s spirit have a full time job in the continuance of being transformed by His Word, through the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

    What Paul is admonishing us to do is not a one time event, but the ongoing process of sanctification in the life of a believer. But we are always free to act upon our own thoughts; and as we evaluate and decide what to do with the general input of the world into our minds through media of all sorts, as believers, we are always admonished to be …bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 2Corinthians 10:5 As I superficially assayed the “revival” at Morningstar, I had decided in my mind that this was a good thing of God, after all, they appeared to be experiencing His weighty presence.

    That night, after prayer, I was about to be asleep and detected God’s spirit in a most pronounced way, as if an extra helping of peace had just been afforded to me. I felt as if a blanket was being pulled up over me, clear up to my neck. I knew the presence of the Lord was there, and I felt quite secure. As I prayed, I was wondering why this was happening, as it felt like a covering of protection…but I had no idea from what. I did not receive any answer concerning it as I prayed, but I fell asleep at peace. The next morning, I went to talk to my husband at his desk, and we immediately got into a confrontation, that I started. I seemed to be paranoid and on the edge concerning issues in our life, (and this had nothing to do with hormones or low blood sugar before breakfast) but I was not dealing with it from a place of walking in the Spirit. Later, I went into my room and cried over the feeling of paranoia and oppression that had fallen over me. I tried to pray, to worship, to do all that I knew was true and right before the Lord, but felt like there was a brick wall before me that I could not get around. This continued for several days…my life and walk in the Spirit before God seem to have “shut down,” and I could not regain my peace. I cried several times a day, and told the Lord that I cannot live this way, and cannot continue on the way I was, and if He had somehow “put me on the shelf for good” then I could not live like this, so please just take me home. I had no idea why I was experiencing such despair. My husband and I had another confrontation a day later, and it was the worst one ever, as I questioned whether or not our marriage was going to survive. Sometime that week, a friend of his sent us a link for a presentation of Patricia King, Bob Jones, and Todd Bentley. She said she was quite disturbed by what she saw…and said it truly is a sign of the times, with the open new-age practices and plain and simple witchcraft. I watched the video myself, and knew full well why she was upset. It was true…it was a mockery of God’s Holy Spirit and certainly not, by any stretch of the imagination…a “quick and easy way to the third heaven” as Bob Jones and TB were conveying. I knew I was watching no more than a barrage of deception and new-age hype.

    I knew without any doubt whatsoever why I had fallen into such despair and could not find my connection, my peace, with the Lord. I immediately went back to my room and onto to my knees, and repented of what I had done, what I had let in. I had opened myself up…in my mind, …to this “deceiving spirit” that was operating in Morningstar. This “spirit” that was reported to be connected to the “Lakeland revival.” As I got before God, I was freed of the despair and loss of connection, and loss of my peace, in my walk with Him. I felt like I needed a shower…first spiritual and mental, and then I took one. I felt like I was washing off sewage.

    A little while past this experience, I still had some questions in my mind and heart about just what actually happened to me during that time of “disconnection.” I have struggled with it over these past months, because I knew there was something still that was not clear to me, something I could not define but needed to. I know God honors our desire for clarity and understanding. (I was not losing sleep over it, as I had total peace about the repenting…there was something else though that I needed to understand.) What I needed to understand was clarified for me just at the beginning of the year, which coincided with reading The Latent Power of the Soul by Watchman Nee. (It reads as if it was written just this past year, and acted as a confirmation, and an enhancement, of what I have written on the subject myself.) What finally came into focus concerning that difficult time after opening myself up to that so-called “revival spirit” is this: being “covered” by what I perceived to be a sort of blanket was God’s protection, although hindrance, over me.

    Psalm 119:75 I know, O LORD, that Your judgments are right, And that in faithfulness You have afflicted me. 76 Let, I pray, Your merciful kindness be for my comfort, According to Your word to Your servant.

    God does things always for our own good if we truly belong to Him, so as frustrating and hurtful as the experience was, it confirmed once again to me that He is jealous over us…and is very serious when He says that we are to pursue holiness, without which no one will see the Lord. Heb. 12 :11 He was saying to me that He could not accept, at His table, what I had attempted to bring before Him…the “revival spirit” was not HIS Spirit, and He could not accept it in my life, and I could not expect Him to bless what I was seeking to bring before Him. It was not clean. 1 Corinth. 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons.

    That Spirit that was born within me, the Spirit that dwells within me….Romans 8:9 But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. …was not in accord with what I had believed in my mind. I was in effect ascribing a work of the flesh to God’s spirit, which was a deception. The two are not compatible, for what I was really seeing was a sham, a sensuous counterfeit, a spirit that many the world over will embrace as part of the global outpouring of the so called “Christ-consciousness,” that is being heralded as the great unifying power ultimately bringing all faiths together in the coming new world order.

    I had been involved with new-age practices many years ago, some of which mimic the power and “presence of God.” I have been appalled to see that very thing within so called “Christian movements.” Those few short days were a quick reminder that I needed to be on my guard, and examine everything. (HE was the one that was faithful!) How amazing it is that those who were doing just that and attempting to bring attention to the aberrant display on the stage of Lakeland were called trouble makers, fault finders, and those who “opposed the work of the Spirit.”

    The true glory of God is never separate from His holiness.

    Lora Uptegrove

    Psalm 138:2….For You have magnified Your word above all Your name.

  4. drex

    So I’m confused, what are the fruits of the Spirit? speaking in tongues right? What about being slain in the spirit, or being filled with joy?

    I read these testaments and only become more confused, I’ve seen people “slain in the spirit” what I mean is they had hands lain on them, and fell down under the presence of the Lord. I’ve also seen people smile and laugh not so much uncontrollably but like when something really funny happens that you laugh so hard it brings tears to your eyes. I’ve experience more so towards the beginning when I went to alter call and accepted Jesus into my heart and really meant it, I cried, no I wept. There were other times when I felt that Lord leading me to do something that I cried to where I couldn’t speak. I am not able to speak in tongues at this time, so I’m not sure if I’ve been baptized by the holy spirit.

    Maybe I’m getting way ahead of myself but reading some of these testimonies confuse me.

    Can someone help explain to me and help me understand better? if you need more of my background I have a comment with it posted on the entry about ihop as a university.

  5. jarrod

    The fruit of the spirit is love joy peace long suffering goodness gentleness and SELF control. tongues is a gift of the spirit and not all have them. so it goes with prophesy and miracles ect. the evidence that a man has the spirit is two fold 1 do you believe the gospel and trust in Christ with all you got for salvation and 2 has this faith effectually changed your outward and inward life ? are you producing the true fruits of the spirit? Not tongues.

  6. drex

    I dunno. I know I got saved, and there are alot of things I no long do, or what to do. I had a problem with cussing, porn. I still have things that I need to work on and God needs to heal.

    I’ve stopped hanging out with people that affected my character in a bad way, because I want to draw closer to God and they were pull me away from God.

    I’m a little upset right now, and I kinda wish I never came to this site because now I’m questioning EVERYTHING that I feel God has done for me.

  7. TimH


    Look at it this way. Maybe God is trying to show you a better way.

    Listen I have been a Christian since I was 16, I am now 58, and I am still learning. You’d think that I had it all down, but, I had to look back at what I was taught and decide what is true and what isn’t, by allowing God to show me, teach me through the leader of thruth (Holy Spirit).

    There are things that I realized just weren’t from God, I had to repent and go on. There were many, many things that were of God and I still had to repent and go on.

    The point is don’t be sorry. I believe that God is soveriegn in all things and He led you here for a reason. To help you grow and learn how to discern, to mature you, and maybe learn how to study in a proper manner so that you can know the truth of scripture.

    Hang in there and and He will be faithful to show you what is right and what you are to stay away from. Relax!

    Praying for you
    Tim H

  8. jarrod


    Just take your time, it is not bad to question stuff. my big question is … What is the gospel ? do you believe the gospel ? not what kind of experience you had.

  9. drex

    Yea. I spoke with I guess what you were call and elder of the church. I call him my spiritual grandpa lol, he says it like this ” if your spirit doesn’t jive with it, it’s probably not of God. and you if have doubts about it (concerning ihop) don’t go back.”

    he means like if you go somewhere like the shriners for example and you get a bad feeling in your spirit you need to leave.

    It helped me a lot so I won’t be going to ihop anymore.

  10. drex

    Jarrod, I do believe the Gospel, I’m working on Luke right now, I’ve read matthew and mark and I plan on reading them over again after john. I have a bible called the “firebible” it’s a student bible and it’s got a lot of good things in it that help me better understand what the bible talks about.

  11. jarrod

    Thats great. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. thats what the word says. nothing else can give assurance of salvation not gifts or experience. Experience is not bad all Christians should have them , but they are not our assurance before God of salvation.

  12. drex

    Thats true for sure.

  13. Craig Lee


    Thanks for posting your testimony regarding MorningStar/Lakeland. I hope others will read and heed. I do believe you are quite correct with:

    The two [S/spirits] are not compatible, for what I was really seeing was a sham, a sensuous counterfeit, a spirit that many the world over will embrace as part of the global outpouring of the so called “Christ-consciousness,” that is being heralded as the great unifying power ultimately bringing all faiths together in the coming new world order.

    Many refuse to see these practices as New Age — which is an amalgamation of many different occult practices. And, of course, those “Christians” who are partaking will call it the “real” as opposed the “counterfeit” spirit as you state. This is why Paul writes:

    9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, 10and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness. [2 Thess 2:9-12 NIV]

    They refuse to love the Truth — the Word of God, the Word made flesh — Jesus. The REAL Jesus.

    You wrote:

    I had been involved with new-age practices many years ago, some of which mimic the power and “presence of God.” I have been appalled to see that very thing within so called “Christian movements.”

    One of the most frustrating things for me is that most people within Christendom dismiss New Age out of hand — as if it’s outmoded and not a threat. Even those with discernment who realize that the charismania of Lakeland/Toronto/Brownsville, etc. is false refuse to recognize it as New Age and/or demonic. Yes, some is of the flesh; but, Satan is behind those who are wittingly leading the flock away.

    I have never been into New Age myself; but, I’ve read quite a bit about it. And, I’ve even written about it paralleling occult writings of Alice A Bailey to some quotes from people like Joyner, Mike Bickle, Bob Jones and others and still very see the similarities. Yet most of those within and without this abberation within the “church” refuse to see the larger picture of a greater spiritual conspiracy. And, just like the last verse cited above states: God is giving those involved over to the delusion.

  14. Jeff

    jeremiah 6 mankinds OWN delusions MANKINDS own delusions duetonomy 31 MANKINDS OWN corruption hosea 9 MANKINDS own lies ezekiel 13 MANKINDKINDs own LIES jeremiah 5 among SEVERAL others.

  15. Dale

    I to have looked at many of the you-tube clips on the “kundalini movement” ,my conclusion and concern is for the body or people. I have read all the above posts and I believe we need to be aware of deception in these the last days, because if you have been around Christianity for a while, Satan presents himself as an angel of light, seeking whom he may devour, the analogy is that the lion in question only roars when it hungry and is seeking prey. Prey being the weaker vesicle or person, church as examples, so I believe that this is what is happening, and it is a false move of an angel of light spirit or movement.
    We need to meditate on Mathew 24 regarding false prophets and deceiving spirits that have entered the church, as we are command to be sober, be watching, be aware much like the 5 wise virgins – actively reading, meditating and being in reverence and fear in the LORD which is wisdom.
    So in summary – be ye not deceived !!!!!!! Have a listening ear to what the spirit of the LORD is saying to you. The other day ( I am in Australia) their is a guy who says he ‘s a christian , but out-rightly declares he is in fact Jesus Christ himself and is married to Mary Magdalene, which is his wife beside him, he has developed a huge following here in Oz, again Mathew 24 says if you hear the Christ is here, don’t go because , know one knows the day or the hour in which the master will return – he is ANTICHRIST and is Deceived and will deceive many – Brothers and Sisters – Don’t be deceived.. Come back to the word : Proverb 3:5, 6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight”.
    “Lord I pray that you would expose Witchcraft and deception for what they are over the church and release a discerning spirit of protection over your people in JESUS name , AMEN

  16. I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles all the time along with a mug of coffee.

  17. I am still not sure what kundalini has to do with bored, and acting Christians? Andrew Strom should research kundalini. He`s a misinformed hack.

  18. As far as I see the only misleading going on here is about Kundalini. How sad. Read Yoga-Kundalini-Upanishad, if you want to have an authoritative view. Otherwise continue to distort Christ`s teachings, those of the Old Testament, reality itself, and the truth of Divinity- just so you have $omething to write about. Andrew you are a dunce.

  19. Kev Wells

    I realize that this is a relatively old post but I feel compelled to add a few personal anecdotes of my own.

    I was involved with the Vineyard for a few years and then MorningStar for more than a few years. Then indirectly ihop through MorningStar.
    Looking back on it now, I marvel that I could have been so deceived. But honestly I was. People who have never been on the inside of these heresies have no idea how powerful they can be.

    I encourage myself by reminding myself that I was involved in the earlier days. The mid 90’s to around 2003. The false was far less obvious then but I really do not have any excuse because I was involved enough to have met most of the leadership personally so I would hear things said that did not line up with scripture and tell myself that I just didn’t understand …yet.

    If you are currently involved or considering becoming involved with these groups let me tell that I pray that you do not do so. I went through a very powerful and dramatic struggle and warfare to get free of these delusions. There are no words to describe what had to take place for me to gain my freedom.

    These groups are very very powerful. I struggled and cried out to God to show me what the deal was with these people and what I finally learned was mind boggling. The leadership of all of these groups have their roots in Luciferian Occultism.

    This seems impossible to people who are entrapped in these false doctrines but it is true. Eventually I learned that the very first official meeting of Vineyard group took place in a Masonic (Luciferian) Temple in Yorba Linda, CA. Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel is a Luciferian. John Todd from the 1970’s, an Illuminati defector and Christian convert, reported giving Chuck Smith millions of dollars on behalf of Luciferians which include the Jesuits and the Vatican.

    Fuller Theological Seminary is false and Luciferian as is Rick Joyner along with Bethel, Kansas City, Lakeland, Brownsville, Toronto, Benny Hinn and so many others too numerous to list here. They are all working toward world wide ecumenism under the Pope and the Vatican.

    As difficult as all of the above may be to believe it is true. Some might say this just sounds like more conspiracy theory drivel. I wonder at thoughts like that. It seems to me that if folks would read their Bibles they would find out that God Himself has told us that the Kings of the Earth conspire to make war on him. And then we wonder why Satan has used his power to cause a knee jerk reaction in people when they hear of anything having to do with a conspiracy?

    Wake up. There is indeed a grand conspiracy underway authored by Satan himself.
    It is written that the way is narrow and few find it. I have never held that truth to be more real than I do today.

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