What is wrong with Historical revisionism ?

“A people without a heritage is easily persuaded.” Carl Marx

If one can change the past he can make men believe anything in the present. What is the past anyway ? How important is it ? If you answered not very then allow me to correct you. See what we know of the past always effects what we believe in the right now.  Let me see if I can flesh out what I just said. Lets say you ran a ministry that was questionable in the past, and lets say that some other guy wrote a huge document on many of the questionable things you practiced. Now lets say through some insane stroke of luck that this guy backs off , but the document still stands. What to do ? What to do ? The answer is simple lay low for a bit , chill for a while until things die down and then do a bit of historical revision. For the sake of argument we will pretend that after a few years a rumor starts to circulate that the guy who wrote this document recanted everything he said and admitted to being a deciever. Well that settles that the newer generation who have no memoryof the document will totally be put at ease by this rumor and hey even some of the older folks will believe it. You know what the funny thing about the speck of white that covers chicken crap is ? Its still chicken crap. If you are gonna rewrite your history you had better work real hard to cover up all your loose ends. Lets say you start a  ministry and you are using all these prophet guys to endorse your work hey one guy even writes a book called ” Some say we plundered” in which all the fullfilments of said prophecies are documented . Now lets say some random guy writes a big letter showing how you have fudged the facts and that real history shows different. What to do ? What to do ? I know do the same thing as before. It’ll work I promise it will. You know all historical revisionism is , is lying. I mean think about it. Lets say little Johnny breaks the lamp in the living room. When he is confronted he says ” Ididn’t break the lamp mommy it just fell” what is Johnny trying to do ? revise and remake an event in the past to get mommy to believe a lie in the present. It’s an age old trick in fact if we are honest we are all pretty apt at revising history to suit our selves. This should not surprise us we learned the lesson from the begining when the first reviser of history spoke to our ancestors “Did God indeed say…” Yet sometimes real history doesn’t seem that important. Oh but it is. Christianity is a historical faith based on real historical events if not then it’s a big scam and we are all duped and to be pitied. One of our great confidences lies in the integrity of the apostles, that they weren’t revising history. But the Apostles of the movement I have been talking about do it all the time.  Julies story  https://thegreycoats.wordpress.com/2010/01/14/julies-story/ helps to point that out. so does the Gruen document as well as the vindication of Gruen. Bottom line when we revise history we are lying and thats wrong. God is not the father of lies that title belongs to someone else.  A tree is indeed known by its fruit, so look at the whole tree it’s been around for many years it has come andgone in and out of season a few times promising great harvest and yet each time it just leaves shipwrecks and has to revise its history. over the next few months I am gonna try like heaven to show How all these cats are linked together. How all of their doctrine and experience has happened in the past and what it turned into. After all I am a huge fan of historical theology .  My request is simple . Read, read , read. Don’t put the blinders on because they pray all the time. So do all kinds of other folks out there. It doesn’t mean your movement is good stuff. Heck it doesn’t even mean you are depending on God , it may mean you are trying to fill the payment bowls to get him to move his divine muscles. lastly pray , pray , pray. lets see what we can find.



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10 responses to “What is wrong with Historical revisionism ?

  1. White spots indeed my colleague.

    The poop is certainly in. Unfortunately, the bacteria that thrive on it are unlikely to be dissuaded from it its nutrient value.

  2. ruthsongs

    I’ve just ordered some books about recent church history. I think my lack of knowledge about the charismatic movement’s beginnings played a big part in my spending WAY too many years with false teaching and a poor understanding of how to study the Bible. I’m looking forward to the info that comes out of your work.

  3. ruthsongs,

    Yeah. Charismaticism has been around for a loooong time. Check out Montanism and the Montanist heresy. Pretty eye-opening.

  4. I wish someone would be a private investigator and look up allllllll of the pastors/teachers who were a part of KCF (early IHOP) and ask them why they left. Noel Alexander, Bob Scott, Dennis Brown, Michael Sullivant, Sam Storms, Harry Demetrelius, David Ravenhill (son of Leonard Ravenhill), Gary Kruze, the list just goes on and on. I’d love to hear their take on all of this stuff, today. Where did they go, and why?

    They would probably be privy to a whole lot more “revised history” than most people are aware of.

  5. jarrod

    Just call me Magnum P.I.

  6. Ruthsongs,

    Having been a part of the charismatic movement from the early 70’s through 2004, I found it dismaying that so little was ever taught concerning recent “church” history.

    Part of the problem is that since doctrine is not important (as evidenced by the frequent charismatic joke about being “panmillenial”) there really is little to talk about.

    And the leadership frequently feel like shielding the sheep from truth. For example, I was in a church tithing to Bob Mumford (Discipleship movement) and did not learn of that until about 20 years later.

    I guess they felt the sheep could not handle the truth. Or they were afraid the sheep would wake up and smell the heresy.

  7. Wow, Bill. Can I relate. I was a part of the shepherding movement back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. Our church was “under” Derek Prince. It disbanded when Derek repented. Yet, I didn’t read about the history of that movement until recently. That was eye-opening for sure.

    So, my history is, born and raised Catholic; got saved and became part of the shepherding movement; went from that to KCF (early IHOP). I’ve made the false doctrine circuit and am so thankful to Jesus to discover the truth of the Gospel. It leaves me rather churchless, but I’ll take His truth over that garbage any day.

    I am so glad this stuff is being exposed by you all!

  8. ruthsongs

    “It leaves me rather churchless” lol, and I can relate to THAT! Ditto on the raised Catholic, then WOF, short time in Baptist (which I can now see has saved my sanity) on to charismania. When I started questioning and did just a very minimal bit of research I found out the church that influenced my charismania church was part of the shepherding mvmt. Small world this 20th century charismatic church history.

    And Bill you’re right, none of this is ever taught or mentioned or questioned. It’s goes right along with the “don’t look back God is doing a new thing” messages I heard four times a year.

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