A great example of Historical revisionism.

Does it look like Crowder cares one ounce about the real history behind Dowie ?

Does he even come close to telling the historical story ?

Is Crowder telling us some big whoppers ?

See my point is clear. Most folks don’t know about Dowie nor will they look him up. They trust Crowder to have integrity as a man of God. Does he look like he has any integrity ?



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4 responses to “A great example of Historical revisionism.

  1. The charismatic fascination with figures like Dowie and Branham is characteristic of the movement.

    We are seeing it now with people like Todd Bentley. For instance, the web posting from John Arnott on the TACF site, where Arnott mentioned Bentley’s problems with alcohol and inappropriate relationships is now gone. Might have to look to see if Wagner’s “liar and a drunkard” is still on the web. And remember when Paul Cain admitted his problems and apologized on his website. That’s gone.

    And years from now, people will be saying “John Arnott never said that. “

  2. Craig Lee

    “Does he look like he has any integrity ?”

    Looks can be deceiving. In the case of Crowder, though, his looks are not deceiving, they are telling. Kinda like Bentley.

  3. Headless Unicorn Guy

    This is Tokin-the-Ghost Crowder.
    Jehovah-Juana Crowder.
    Top of the Crazy Preacher list before Tatted Todd and Holy Ghost Enema what’s-her-face.
    The guy’s a crackpot. Raoul Duke in Vegas crazy. What makes you think you’d believe ANYTHING Crazy Crowder claims?

    Branham. Isn’t that the crazy preacher from the Fifties who also had his own pet angel onstage? Preached something called “Serpent Seed” where Eve boinked the Serpent in the Garden and sired a race of D&D3 Tieflings for real?

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