Good ol Bob and Ricky stopped the swine flu ??

This blows my mind. Bob says God has given us all power . That we speak things into existence.  Same old same old yet they aren’t latter rain I mean that would just be crazzzy. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this picture ?



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19 responses to “Good ol Bob and Ricky stopped the swine flu ??

  1. “the roots go down into the bones.”

    has he been hanging around Crowder again?

  2. Bob Jones: “I never learned of another person that got influenza, did you?

    Rick Joyner: “I did not hear of another death or even another case.”

    The Truth:

    Week one, January 2010

    •Seven influenza-associated pediatric deaths were reported. Six deaths were associated with 2009 influenza A (H1N1) virus infection and one was associated with an influenza A virus for which the subtype was undetermined.

    Week three, January 2010

    •Five influenza-associated pediatric deaths were reported. Four deaths were associated with 2009 influenza A (H1N1) virus infection and one was associated with an influenza A virus for which the subtype was undetermined.

    Week four, January 2010

    •Nine influenza-associated pediatric deaths were reported. Eight deaths were associated with 2009 influenza A (H1N1) virus infection and one was associated with an influenza A virus for which the subtype was undetermined.

    Source CDC

    -Bill Fawcett

  3. WB McC

    “The angel[s] of God have got their hands cuffed. The Father cuffed His hands, too. He did it when He gave you all power. But when you begin to proclaim, you loose Him and the angels to go and create” [time index 4:24].

    According to Bob Jones, all power is given unto us. And the Father is waiting for us to loosen His bonds so that He can act.

    I think I now know better how James and John felt about that Samaritan village [Luke 9:51-56].

    For those who find Jones’s claims plausible, I suggest that you read Revelation. There, you won’t find a self-constrained God who waits on the call of human initiative. Instead, you’ll find a God coming in sovereign judgment and mighty power to work His will against those who oppose Him.

  4. Sam

    Bob Jones is one creepy dude, dribbling poison.

  5. Diane S.

    Here are my thoughts on this video:

    Laying hands on the tree and receiving power from it and the earth/roots below sound like animism to me.

    This 100 year “prophecy” implies that God and the Holy Spirit did nothing until 1950.

    Not only is the idea of us becoming creators and taking God’s place completely contrary to biblical teaching, but just illogical stupidity.

    These self-proclaimed prophets continually say things are going to happen, and they never happen. Every breakthrough is just right around the corner, but it never comes. I don’t understand why people continue to hang on their every word, with such a track record.

  6. One more reason why I was always leery of MorningStar. I don’t even speak these people’s language anymore. What else can I say…..listen to this stuff at your own risk Charismatics.

  7. I guess we could also entitle this thread, “The Legend of Ricky Bobby.”

  8. Did you see that Justin Peters got rebuked for mentioning names of these charlatans, on Revelation TV in UK?

    here’s my email exchange with the station regarding it (and the link immediately below the title, to the video where he was chastised ON air for having done what he was given permission to do).

  9. This is Word Faith-teaching and doctrine of demons what Bob Jones is telling about speaking things into existence. Just like the occult book ‘The Secret’ tells: the law of attraction. Jones shows his real face more and more. So he received power through a tree that has it’s roots in the dead bones of a man… This is occult.

    He is a dangerous false prophet. A wolf.

  10. Sucking life-energy out of trees, or grass, or bones is nothing new for these clowns. However, it is not Christianity.

    John Crowder, for example:
    “We’ve just come to the grave ( of John Dowie) today to release to you an impartation of healing revival, of city building restoration, city taking anointing, master building apostolic anointing and so we just rip it right out of the ground, we just suck it right off his dead bones in Jesus’ name and loose it to you, healing revival glory…
    Just as Elisha’s dead bones still had the glory of God resting on them that when they threw another dead body into Elisha’s grave, the other dead dude jumped right back up again as the glory was still resident in him there – do you know the glory of God does not fade away, does not rot, does not rust, is not eaten away by moth? Listen, our treasures are in heaven, and our heavenly treasure is glory, our heavenly treasure is the presence of God and we honor the presence of God that was on John Alexander Dowie’s life – and right now, father, we just release it, we just pull on it, that glory that rests on that pioneering generation….
    I just encourage you now to take a hit of a controversial glory, take a hit of pioneering forerunning glory… we honor our fathers in the faith, those who have gone before us, pull on that same glory – and I thank you Lord that you are releasing the former rains and the Latter rains on one generation. We’re going to tap into the former glory but also the future glory.”
    Inner-healing guru John Sandford (father of Loren Sandford):

    (John) Sandford, in “Healing the Wounded Spirit”, recounts a time when his mentor (Agnes) Sanford was extremely depressed. She had been prayed for, but that did not seem to have an effect. Since nothing else worked, he suggested that she go outside and roll in the grass. He
    suggested that nature was able to absorb all the bad energy. This is a Hindu concept
    known as “prana”. That Sandford would embrace this is nothing short of outrageous.
    In a tape entitled “Into Rest in the Good Earth”8, Sandford elaborates on this New
    Age at-one with nature concept. He states that our emotions effect us and nature:
    “…man’s mental storms effect nature… our emotions send trees quivering”. John
    Sandford, in “Healing” goes on to say how western man does not know or practice
    many things that his Osage Indian ancestors knew. For that we should be thankful. (2)



  11. JNj.

    The truth of the written Word of God was (finally!) revealed tu us in the 1970 ??? What a poor kind of Christianity is this, that had to wait nearly 1900 years to understand what God’s Word means? How deceived can one be to believe stuff like this.

  12. I have written an in depth article about Revelation TV here:

    Revelation TV

    They have blown hot and cold on the Word of Faith issue a number of times in the past also.

  13. Headless Unicorn Guy

    “That we speak things into existence.”

    Didn’t L Ron Hubbard say the same thing, except he called it “Postulating” and limited it to Operating Thetan 3+level Scientologists?

  14. Ive researched this some more and from Mike Bickles report the man named by Julie in the above article as Augustine “ACOLLA” should be spelt “ALCOLA”. There are hardly any other entries on the net for “Acolla” but many linking “Alcola” to Bob Jones etc so Bickles spelling seems to be the accurate one. This could be a serious error that undermines what you are saying.

    Please reply to

  15. Ian D. Elsasser

    The person in question is Augustine Alcala.

  16. I have enuf truble speling Bickel’s name correctly.

  17. Diane S.

    Or, Coca Cola with that Pickle?

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