Julie’s story part 2

There is such a shocking lack of knowledge as to how IHOP’s vision was birthed, it’s driving me crazy! So, I want to give a little more insight into the going’s on behind Kansas City Fellowship (early IHOP) becoming a Vineyard.

My husband and I had been away from the church (Kansas City Fellowship) for approximately 3 or 4 months praying earnestly for the leadership at KCF to repent. Actually, by this time, the name had changed to Metro Christian Fellowship, having first been known as South Kansas City Fellowship, then Kansas City Fellowship, then Metro Christian. We expected their repentance to be forthcoming at any day. I mean, with the damning report that Ernie Gruen had just written, there was no defending the current prophetic, and “let’s take over the city”, teaching that had become common place by then. This was the spring of 1990. I remember it well because I was well along in my pregnancy with my fourth child.

We were told that “Mike’s going to repent” so be sure to be there.  “Major anouncement at the church, don’t miss it.” These were the encouragements we received from our friends, the friends we had been warning regarding the error that had crept in.

So, we went to this meeting with high expectations. We were expecting the mood to be somber, sober, serious, repentant, etc. Nothing could have prepared us for what we witnessed that night.

First of all, the place was PACKED. Not a seat in the house remained empty.  People standing in the back as well. I think there were between 1500 and 2000 people in attendance.

After a very celebratory worship service, Mike began to repeat some of the prophetic history which brought the church into existence in the first place. Augustine’s prophecies (although, by this time, I think his name had ceased to be mentioned), Bob Jones’s prophecies, etc. How God had brought the prophetic into our midst – but it was still in it’s infancy. Still young and messy and some messes have occurred. Soooo, it was time to set the prophetic down, come under the umbrella of the Vineyard. The prophets would still minister to the leadership behind closed doors, but it was necessary for them to mature in their anointings.

This was the gist of the meeting. That the leadership was just delighted to be joining hands with John Wimber and Co.  It was going to be a great future in God. Blah blah blah.

Even stating that the rift between Mike and Ernie was hurting the body and that it needed to be resolved as soon as possible. That Ernie Gruen had misrepresented the prophetic movement, but some of the things he said were true: there was a spiritual elitistism that needed to be eradicated. Ernie was on board with this current move by the church leadership to become a Vineyard, and so the proposed meeting (hearing?) before the agreed upon leaders from around the country was no longer necessary. The error of the prophetic was in check with the setting down of the prophets.

The mood reminded me of a high school pep rally. Everyone seemed relieved and elated. No longer was the church going to be considered “cultish.” John Wimber had ridden in on a white horse, and they had dodged a bullet. They were becoming a respectable Vineyard; the loony prophetic was going to become less visual and less loony; and so on, and so forth.

At the end of Mike’s lengthy announcement, he opened up the microphone for questions.  When my husband looked at me and said “I’m going up,” my heart rose to my throat and stayed there until we left. I knew that the happy atmosphere was going to be dampered a little once my husband took the mic.

Person after person got up and asked numerous, non-threatening questions, of the legistical variety. Will the other locations join, too? Would Mike’s position change? How will this affect the church type questions.

My husband was one of the last in line that night. Perhaps he was the last. He first asked Mike if the men who had originally been agreed upon to “hear” the accusations  that were brought against Mike, if they were honorable and capable of judging these teachings, etc.  Mike agreed that they, in fact, were honorable men. (All of the men chosen for this task were from the charismatic side of the isle, btw).  He then asked Mike why he wouldn’t just submit to their “hearing” instead of, essentially, hiding behind John Wimber. That is when the mood in the room suddenly changed. It felt hostile, and I swear, you could hear a pin drop. But, my heart was in my throat and I just wanted to get out of there, so, who knows what other people felt. At this point, my husband challenged Mike regarding these doctrines NOT coming into line with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He handed the mic back and began walking back to me.

Many, many of our friends were there. Some of our best friends were also in attendance, and they were not really sure how to take all of this stuff. We had given them our take, yet they were still quite loyal to the church/Mike. Heck, we were still loyal. We were just waiting for everyone to repent and BELIEVE the truth and get free of all this garbage.  This was our church, for crying out loud. These were our leaders and the devil had pulled the wool over their eyes!

As my husband was leaving the stage, Mike turned to the sound man, and told him to get rid of what my husband had just said. “Erase that part.” This is what our friends heard. They were so appalled, it became the beginning of the end of their stay at KCF. So began my first knowledge of historical revisionism at the hands of KCF.

One person came up and thanked my husband. Everyone else treated us like the plague. Indeed, for many years, my husband was kept at arms length by those still loyal to Mike. Now, one can dispute whether or not Mike had the tape erased. But, there are people, to this day, who remember my husband standing up and standing against Mike Bickle. No one ever did that! I think it went down the same memory hole with the prophecies regarding Pat Bickle getting healed. We knew, then, that they weren’t going to be repenting anytime soon.



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  1. Ahhh Julie,

    Why aren’t there more of you speaking about their experiences? The revisionism is coming to the light. By the amount of IHOP storm-troopers who are recently crashing this blog I’d have to say that people are taking note. Stay strong lady.

  2. So we edit the tapes and we edit the blueprint. Sad.

    What ever happened to Psalm 51:6?

    “God is after truth in the inward parts, right down into the depths of our being. Why? Why? Because truth is a major feature and constituent of the Divine nature. God is called the God of Truth; Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Godhead, called Himself the Truth – “I am… the truth”; “To this end am I come into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth”; the Holy Spirit is described as the Spirit of Truth – “when He, the Spirit of truth, is come…”.

    The Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are characterized by this one feature – truth! ”

    -T Austin-Sparks

  3. Diane S.

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a common thing in Charismatic circles. No negative questioning of authority allowed; these are perceived as satanic attacks against the work of God.

    The authoritarian system only tells the public half-truths, attempting to put a positive spin on a situation so that everyone will stay on board, be happy, and further submit to their Parent.

  4. David

    People treat charismatic christianity of which they are a part as Jerusalem – God’s precious holy headquarters on earth, THE place to experience God. In Israel’s history, when idolatry, spiritism and false prophets arose in His name and lead the people astray , God had no qualms about allowing precious Jerusalem to fall to heathen and pagan nations. God was never so sentimental as to glorify Jerusalem above the God of Jerusalem and the ways of God.
    When God came as man- Jesus, he too showed no sentimentality for Jerusalem, the Temple or Israel and her religious leaders. He chastised them with a improvised whip and overturned their tables in the temple, yet this was a warning shot over the bow as it were – He already saw the destruction of the temple and wept for this reason.
    Men who try to keep God’s Jerusalem running, who try to keep up appearances, keep God’s kingdom running and church growing, keep Christianity relevant and in the spotlight, manage embarrassing situations and falsehood instead of repent – they do all of these things, but forsake God – God does not care one iota about how many people are in seats if hearts are far from Him. The Lord would rather one good shepherd lead 20 of His sheep than 5 self centered hirelings lead 20,000.
    Jerusalem Jerusalem! The city that murders the prophets who ask questions on the open mic. How highly you view yourself and yet how far you are from Me! Oh that you would forget your uniqueness or “specialness” and humble yourselves and remember Me!

  5. Wow, David. That was awesome! And oh so true.

  6. ruthsongs

    Never heard it put quite that way, David. So true.

  7. Julie,

    Thank you for sharing this. I look at tactics like “erase that part” far too common in the apostolic/prophetic. Congregants at the church I formerly called home were told by the elders – after we left – that there were no doctrinal differences. That, after 3 hours discussing the doctrial problems with the elders.

    There is indeed a problem with historical revisionism (thought control) at IHOP. I recently uncovered an older version of the “Blueprint Prophecy” and was amazed at the changes that had been made. It’s quite disturbing.



  8. The blueprint prophecy wasn’t something discussed back in the 80’s. This prophecy was “hush-hush”, yet binding in some way. I had forgotten completely about it until you mentioned it.

    It sure explains the direction of the church from that time onward.

    Thanks, again, Bill.

  9. Shelley

    Thank you Julie, for sharing your story, and thank you Bill, for the “Blueprint Prophecy” link!

    My history with KCF dates back to 1985 when my former Pastor, Gary Wiens, met Bickle and his “Kansas City Prophets” for the first time. Although John Wimber is quoted as saying it was October 1988, while on a trip to Scotland, that Bickle convinced him to consider changing the Vineyard’s emphasis to that of a Prophetic Ministry, I know first-hand that the cross pollination (as Wimber called it), began in 1985. Being on the Ministry Team, in the summer of 1985 we attended a Signs and Wonders Conference in Kansas City, MO. Bickle’s church did not host the conference, but it was there that a small group of Vineyard pastors met with Bickle and his “Kansas City Prophets”. Although Wimber was not part of this small group of pastors, Gary was. For Gary Wiens, that meeting was a life-changing event that dramatically altered his life, and consequently, the life of the Church he was Pastor of. In the spring of 1986, my husband and I met Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson for the first time.

    By time we left the Vineyard in 1993, I was disillusioned by the realization that we had subjected ourselves to what I now believe is part of the Great Deception. Bob Jones may have had the persona of a grandfatherly county bumpkin, but underneath that posture he was peddling a hidden agenda that rivaled the sophistication of John Paul Jackson. The hidden agenda exposed is that we were being taught Latter Rain, Manifest Sons of God doctrines masquerading as the prophetic ministry of dreams, visions, and revelation. But then again, if they had come in and just taught those doctrines at face value, I for one, would have rejected them outright, rather than being seduced into deception.

    Again, thank you for sharing your story.

  10. eternalu

    For myself also, the mid-1980’s started a journey in Christianity, c/o the Pentecostals and the Charismatic Word-of-Faith groupies; for me, it lasted ten years. Mercifully, by the time the Toronto Blessing ‘rolled around,’ I was already aware of the deception. Furthermore, I was already standing up to pastors, like Julie’s husband, AND paying the price – ostracism and isolation. But I persevered, as an independent street evangelist, establishing with my husband and our own Christian street evangelism ministry, a legally registered Canadian non-profit. Furthermore, I started to publicly expose the horrors of the whole situation. You see, I was LIVING IN Toronto and was one of the original members of John Arnott’s church, in the Pre-Vineyard days years before TB. My story has been on-line for many years on different websites, and I have it posted now on WordPress: “NOT JUST A MEMOIR OF THE VINEYARD: 1986-1994” – http://www.eternalu.wordpress.com

    Eventually, I obtained a ministry credential in Ontario, Canada, after completing Bible college through the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

    But the spiritual deadness I saw everywhere, and the varying degrees of deceptive teachings I found even within non-Third Wave churches, yes, even the ‘fundamentalists’ also have problems, all led me to deeper Scripture study.

    Today, I recommend the testimony of Scott Hahn. He can be ‘Googled’. He is a professor, a lecturer, and an evangelist. No, I don’t agree with 100% of his positions, either (he’s a former Presbyterian, to start with)… But we both took ‘the road less travelled; and that has made all the difference.”

    You see, I had spent 20 ignorant years completely neglecting, accepting secondhand theories, and ridiculing the foundations of Church history, which ironically was my favorite subject in Bible college. But today, to give you a hint, I really identify with the 13th-17th centuries.

    You see, I became a Roman Catholic last year. Question: “Is the Pope Catholic?” Actually, in my humble opinion, “No, he is not.”

    Consult the Dimond Brothers, at http://www.vaticancatholic.com – Scott Hahn would have them burned at the stake if he had the chance!

    Most of my former and current ‘friends’ would do the same to me.

  11. Reader

    I would caution Protestants who wish to go to Rome (i.e., become Roman Catholic) or to Constantinople (i.e., become Eastern Orthodox) not to be taken in by the moving testimonies or simplifications of church history that converts to and adherents of these traditions often promote.

    Things have never been as clear as they would like to have you believe, and neither the Roman Catholic Church nor the Eastern Orthodox Church are the sole repositories or guarantors or faithful maintainers of “the faith once for all delivered to the saints” or that which was “believed everywhere, always, and by (nearly) all.”

    Robes and incense and reverence and ancientness and liturgies and claims of physical apostolic succession do not The One True Church make.

  12. The Inquisition and the Crusades are enough to make me run, Forest, run!

  13. “We Deny the distinctive doctrines that go beyond Scripture that are often associated with the Latter Rain theology that was popularized in the 1950s.

    Explanation: Some have wrongly identified our ministry today with the false teachings that were popularized by some in the Latter Rain movement. At no time in the past did we have any relationship with this movement.”

    IHOP “Affirmations and Denials”

    “And in a three year period, according, I don’t
    know this, but according to which I believe, it will be a mature man, a mature young man, a strong man, the young child that will be born.”

    Mike Bickle, “Blow the trumpet in Zion” (1983)

    A young child that is a mature man. Ergo, a “man-child.” Discover the lost tapes in which Mike Bickle teaches the Manifested Sons of God doctrine.



  14. Arendale

    None of this is surprising, unfortunately. When the gospel preached and lived isn’t “the faith which was once and for all delivered to the saints”, there’s no end to how many other gospels will inevitably come in. I continue to pray for a true and authentic Christianity that is what Jesus died for and what He intended from the very start. “Surely, You desire truth in the inward parts.”

  15. mrsmariposa2014

    Amen. My heart continues to grieve for my former family caught up in deception.

  16. Kev Wells

    I realize that this is a relatively old post but I feel compelled to add a few personal anecdotes of my own.

    I was involved with the Vineyard for a few years and then MorningStar for more than a few years. Then indirectly ihop through MorningStar.
    Looking back on it now, I marvel that I could have been so deceived. But honestly I was. People who have never been on the inside of these heresies have no idea how powerful they can be.

    I encourage myself by reminding myself that I was involved in the earlier days. The mid 90’s to around 2003. The false was far less obvious then but I really do not have any excuse because I was involved enough to have met most of the leadership personally so I would hear things said that did not line up with scripture and tell myself that I just didn’t understand …yet.

    If you are currently involved or considering becoming involved with these groups let me tell that I pray that you do not do so. I went through a very powerful and dramatic struggle and warfare to get free of these delusions. There are no words to describe what had to take place for me to gain my freedom.

    These groups are very very powerful. I struggled and cried out to God to show me what the deal was with these people and what I finally learned was mind boggling. The leadership of all of these groups have their roots in Luciferian Occultism.

    This seems impossible to people who are entrapped in these false doctrines but it is true. Eventually I learned that the very first official meeting of Vineyard group took place in a Masonic (Luciferian) Temple in Yorba Linda, CA. Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel is a Luciferian. John Todd from the 1970’s, an Illuminati defector and Christian convert, reported giving Chuck Smith millions of dollars on behalf of Luciferians which include the Jesuits and the Vatican.

    Fuller Theological Seminary is false and Luciferian as is Rick Joyner along with Bethel, Kansas City, Lakeland, Brownsville, Toronto, Benny Hinn and so many others too numerous to list here. They are all working toward world wide ecumenism under the Pope and the Vatican.

    As difficult as all of the above may be to believe it is true. Some might say this just sounds like more conspiracy theory drivel. I wonder at thoughts like that. It seems to me that if folks would read their Bibles they would find out that God Himself has told us that the Kings of the Earth conspire to make war on him. And then we wonder why Satan has used his power to cause a knee jerk reaction in people when they hear of anything having to do with a conspiracy?

    Wake up. There is indeed a grand conspiracy underway authored by Satan himself.
    It is written that the way is narrow and few find it. I have never held that truth to be more real than I do today.

  17. Arendale

    I used to attend the Atlanta Vineyard for two years and can attest that the Vineyard movement and many other like charismatic movements are controlled by luciferians who actually are using especially the charismatic flavor of Christianity to establish an anti-Christ religion in Christendom. I don’t know all the facts, but the Vatican has been known to infiltrate Christianity, and satanists do infiltrate Christian churches, ministries, and circles on a very routine basis. All these facts, plus facts we don’t yet know, will eventually surface.

  18. Always Research A Matter!

    Kev Wells: Julie/husband: if, If, if you only knew. I have seen and read the letters, met Handful of people who have HARDCORE, BRUTALLY confronted church leadership that you ALL mentioned. The person posted the TRUTH on many a site like Cosmic Cathedral, bethcavete.wordpress.com, so many sites and IT ALL GOT REMOVED. (Arendale been trying to find you, glad your posting).

    Kev your 11/23/2015 is totally correct. A lot of pastor’s are Satanist which most don’t want to believe and selling you their bill of goods for you to keep them in their lifestyle (your supporting their philanthropic dreams and business, lifestyle). Mike has had “a complete and utter disdain for correction”. He’s been hardcore corrected since 2000 and before; along with Wimber (know the person who delivered message that he was going to die); “round table of leadership that this person created to report church abuse to knew about what you stated about Chuck Smith was true, so many” (meaning if a letter went to Bickle, Joyner they all got a copy). That person has read over 120 hours and put a lot of sites together regarding reading of abuses of Mike Bickle/regime, etc.; look at ripoffreport.com (John Paul Jackson’s name in search box and do Tammy’s Lament read, part of the Round Table list is in comments).

    Book: named Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips post some very corrupt pastors (they name names, but NOT enough). Look at Charisma being part of problem putting bickle’s dynasty on the cover and NOT doing their job especially when they knew all about Bickle, Joyner, Todd Bentley, so many. When person called David Wilkerson about Bentley, Dave shut down that day. Answer this: How come people who professed to be Apostolic/Prophetic flocked to over 10,000 conference and NOT discern staff in sin, nor about God T.V.?

    Modern Day Jason/Bourne came public and named pastors/leaders who were part of NWO and a lot of them married hiding behind homosexual lifestyles. Homosexual sin: Paul Crouch Sr., made News, Haggard, Liardon, so many. Not to mention gross misuse of funds, salaries, lack of helping poor, homeless, lying where $ truly goes overall, research articles.
    What about David Kupelian books, Marketing of Evil etc. Recently Tony Miano (has issues major), he posted video’s on Bill Johnson/Bethel, Benny Hinn that was true and damning and somehow it got coerced to be removed, Why? He was exposing evil and wanting people to see it? John Bloom wrote a great expose on Benny Hinn just contact Trinity Foundation in Dallas, TX if can’t find and have them email you a copy. Read Jackie Alnor for exposing Joel Osteen. H.A. Lewis’s book a Pastor would not let him (former warlock) accept Jesus, so many like that.
    I left a church like Bickle’s, so been screaming (letter writing) for years, in the meantime Baby Jeremiah dies and Bethany Deaton and I’ve read and heard so many people wanting to leave Bickle’s and kill themselves, lost all hope, vision like Caris Adele site, bethcavete coming out alive, spiritualsoundingboard site, so many sites, annunk, masquerade, etc. read news articles where Town concerns (Jackson Paper) about regime being cult.
    I would like to know John Paul Jackson part, someone in VCF lied about him and where the VCF said they wanted the prophetic they were actually controlling, murdering (metaphorically speaking & physically) the true correctors. Saw that you had to jump through their (vcf) hoops to be accepted or one man told me “you had to go through J. hayford’s toilet”.
    God doesn’t get any money, nor people all these people keeping them in their BUSINESS.
    Type in Controversial Articles, Abused by, People Negative Feedback, Scandals on any religion, name of church, pastor and do the reads. “Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles ( basically how they all operate unfortunately); Losing My Religion by William Lobdell (very well written, heartfelt), Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson/Van Vonderan=excellent. Pagan Christianity by (Green Cover) Frank Viola, Cages of Pain-Aeschliman, Breaking Christian Curses by Dennis Cramer; so many great reads. Once you’ve corrected the Vineyard, you can be in the West/East Coast and get violated like Tammy’s lament, been through it and seen many of the true Apostolic/Prophetic Voices go through the same.
    Julie/anyone, can you tell me what happened to Richard and Nancy Green/e anyone?
    David Wilkerson wrote an article about the person who confronted Wimber, Smith Sr., Bickle (the person has boxes of book offers=Troublemakers in the Church PDF file 6-2007 he also did a sermon).
    How about: Lord, Save Us From Your Followers DVD by Dan Merchant.
    I just read an article where pastor’s are getting ready their flock for FEMA Camps, so sad; they’re so brainwashed and can’t think for themselves. People have ears to hear and not hearing, eyes to see and not seeing
    2 Thessalonians 2: all. They followed man over Jesus which is talked about in Galations entire book. Much of the false church is Carnal, flesh, false=witchcraft.
    Order your churches 501c3 report, see what own, worth, ranches, land, real estate, businesses, bank accounts, vehicles, their overall lifestyle; question and ask where the money goes and really follow the money trail if helping fatherless, widow, orphan, poor, homeless, stranger, alien, single parents etc. over 350 Heads of Church Leadership was given every Bible Verse for such.
    Example: Donnelley.wordpress.com has been speaking and exposing following: over 30-40 years of Child molestation/pedophile by founder of Hillsong as they are planting churches in Los Angeles and New York and NEVER making it right by victims (it was taken public YEARS ago). Stephen Parsons wrote an excellent article “Exploiting the need to Belong”.

  19. Kev Wells

    I greatly appreciate your response to my post. It is so discouraging sometimes that people involved in these groups cannot hear nor can they see. I feel like the Lord has shown me that we are to seek to warn them but, at some point, we have to stop trying.

    2 Thessalonians 2 tells us that they did not love the truth enough to remain in it. They have been given a strong delusion by the Lord Himself.
    While I find this terrifying, I realize that God is God. I want to encourage you by affirming that I know that what you have posted about all of these ministries is the absolute truth. I cannot explain the relief and freedom that I began to get when the Lord began to reveal to me what the enemy was doing in the deep darkness that these people in leadership are moving in.

    People have been conditioned to have a knee-jerk reaction to anything involving a conspiracy. This is nothing short of mind control operating in people as a whole. This has been done because there is indeed a conspiracy afoot and they have brilliantly hidden it.

    I am going to go out on a limb here and say a couple of things about the Vineyard and MorningStar. It took a great deal of warfare but finally I was able to discover that both organizations have existing and historical ties to Government Intelligence Agencies. When I talk about spiritual warfare these groups do not play. They do everything that they possibly can think of to make sure that darkness obscures what they are doing. I am not going to go into great detail here but I will say that the Jesus Movement that the Vineyard was large sprung from has strong ties to the CIA. Gerry Boykin has historical ties to Chuck Smith. Gerry Boykin is a Knight of Malta and he was in charge of the Special Operations Delta Teams at Fort Bragg, NC. Delta operators are nothing short of mind controlled killers. They are created by classified technology developed from project MK-Ultra. The book Thanks For the Memories by Brice Taylor is a great book to gain insight into this evil.

    Now Gerry Boykin is curiously very deeply connected to MorningStar. Matt Petersen was Associate Pastor at MorningStar. Now he is Currently Pastor at Winston Salem MorningStar Fellowship. Good old Matt Petersen was or more likely still is a CIA agent. Not kidding.

    A lot of people do not realize the deep ties that the intelligence agencies have to the occult. They would do well to find out. There is a great deal more to mention but I run the risk of losing too much credibility which has probably become tenuous from this post already.

    We are called to be wise as serpents. I have been driven to pursue this mandate personally because my freedom and life has depended on it.
    I highly recommend that folks do some research into the history of the Jesuits and their connection to people like the Rothschilds and Secret Societies all over the world. I promise you it will blow your mind!

  20. Arendale

    I’m guessing you know me from the Deaton story on the WordPress blog. What was your name there?

    I read some of Dennis Cramer’s ‘Christian Curses’. You listed a lot of good info. However, the roots of these issues go deeper than false ministers. Jesus told us regarding specifically ministers, “You will know them by their fruits.” About 99% of American Christians prefer to judge (know) ministers by either their doctrine or by how good or bad the minister makes them feel. The flesh continues to be the biggest issue. The flesh of ministers; the flesh of their followers; the flesh of Christians in general. Most Christians in America aren’t born again or born of God. Ie. they don’t have a new nature at all. Their conversions were false or partial; they’ve never so much as considered the notion of living no longer for self but for God. Because there are so few truly converted believers, wolves, or insincere or ungodly ministers, feel justified and untouchable and never repent. What is one to do?

    I believe that change begins with repentance and that with the average believer. People have chosen these wolves to lead them; but God chooses genuine leaders. If people keep waiting for these ministers to repent, there will be no change. Anyway, thanks for your comment. I hope a lot of people will read it and hear what you’re saying.

  21. Arendale

    Hey, Kev, can I contact you by email? I’ve been connected to the Vineyard where a friend told me that his wife accused the pastor of raping one of their daughters and accused him of doing satanic rituals out in New Mexico. I had to learn all the facts the hard way.

  22. Kev Wells

    Hi Arendale,
    If you are addressing me, I am unaware of the Deaton Story. Please send me a link. I am curious. I initially considered using a pseudonym but I resolved to not hide nor back down from any opposition physical or spiritual years ago so that is my name.

    I see where you posted referencing judging a ministry by their fruits. This is what I personally seek to do. I am reminded of the scriptures where the Lord told us that we are justified and condemned the words that we speak. It is written that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Though there are false teachers preaching a name it and claim false doctrine, we mustn’t forget that they have manipulated what God has said in formulating these false doctrines.

    I believe that what we say is very very important. I also think that this why the scripture is there which tells us to try the spirits because no spirit which is false may confess that Jesus Christ IS come in the flesh. IS meaning that He came in the flesh and He IS in the flesh forever more. I am fully persuaded that false spirits cannot physically say this no matter how they try to.

    So, for me, a man’s fruit is what comes out of his mouth. But people do not realize that they cannot change what comes out of their mouths no matter how hard they try to. Only the Holy Spirit can change the abundance of our hearts and then what subsequently comes out of our mouths.

    As I look back on my experience through being under deception, I could have come out of the lies very early if I had taken God at His Word. But I did not and it therefore became far more difficult. In retrospect what these false leaders were saying did not line up with scripture and I knew it.
    I was guilty myself of not loving the truth enough for a time. I thank God for His goodness in bringing me out the delusion that I was in. I sincerely do.

  23. Kev Wells

    Yes please do contact me. Do you need me to disclose it?

  24. Kev Wells

    Arendale, Do you need me to disclose my email address I mean…?

  25. Arendale

    Kev, I was talking to someone else about the IHOP-Deaton fiasco. I don’t have the link for the article I mentioned right now, but you can watch the 43-minute 48 Hours special here: https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=XAq-waB7Jow

    And yes, can you give me your email here? I don’t know how else I could get it.

  26. Kev Wells

    Go to Google Plus and do a search on my name.
    I would prefer you contact me through there and I can then give you my email privately. If you do not have a gmail account I will gladly disclose here.

    Also, I did a search on the Deaton story and found it and had just finished reading it. A sad tragedy to be sure.

  27. Kev Wells

    The following link will take you to my G+ page:

  28. Arendale

    Okay, I just sent you a message but on your post. I can’t remember how to send direct messages since I’m on my phone G+ app. You’ll have to remind me or send me a direct message there.

  29. Arendale

    Sure. Rolling Stones magazine carried the Deaton story first; then a former friend of Deaton wrote an article called ‘what rolling stones didn’t tell you about Tyler Deaton’ or something like that. You can find it by googling it. The entire IHOP-KC establishment ran into hiding like criminals rather than coming forward to address the issue.

  30. Always Research A Matter!

    Kev: I really understand “coming out alive” also as it was for my very life and mind also. Round Table of men got tape of pastors cursing me with cancer and praying that I die horrific listen, went to some media also (approx. Dozen). Noted, “losing my religion” had his death threats also for writing/exposing the truth. The great thing that came out of it ruthlessly expose child abuse and abusive churches and name names. I can forgive, but NO MORE abusing people in the name of their god.
    Have single parents leaving churches and killing themselves because coming to their pastors for help when at the end of rope/hope and given very wrong advice and leaving and killing themselves. The over 350 heads heard about and named them. “10 Lies The Church Tells Woman” based on former church/denomination by J. Lee Grady.
    Bickle’s regime made 48 Hours and Rolling Stones and if N.Y. Times had investigated and did their job Bethany Deaton might still be here.
    Town also concern about IHOPrayer kid’s talking psycho babble B.S., because of all the fasting, EVERYTHING religious conversation, can’t have a NORMAL conversation and how many on welfare? Unfortunately, they will wake up hopefully not to late to realize they will have lived their life through and for someone else. David Wilkerson knew the good,bad, ugly and the evil, he would fly in on his dime and take care of things. Greatly miss him.
    “Why Don’t Young People Go To Church by Jeff Crippen posted on spiritualsoundingboard.com. Note all the comments. Some great articles.
    Alex Grenier has a very evil exposure of Child Abuse by Pastoral Stepfather and Chuck Smith Sr., very evil response; Warlocks want kids abused, people to commit suicide=satan comes to kill, steal and destroy; don’t want to lift burden or help; yoke out more.
    David Wegner’s-Hope For America’s Ministries believe Costa Mesa, CA horrific exposure of B. Hinn in DVD; so sad and stupid people still give him money (I’ve been stupid to attend meetings); even noting Protester’s with these Hugh Poster Boards trying to wake up brainwashed followers. Trinity Foundation, Dallas, Tx has their DVD’s/Articles and exposure of who going after, B. Hinn one of the majors along with Crouches-TBN, Pat Robertson, Joyce Meyer, Copeland, Billy Graham; plus more.
    Jeff Crippen has book about Domestic Abuse in the Church (haven’t read, but heralding over 40 years) and Site “Cry For Justice”.
    Look at “Don’t Call Me Brother” by Miles and they still exist.
    I grew up in AOG (“assassins of god”) and Foursquare Movement and from birth to death they would have NEVER gone through bible completely once, so why are people tithing and attending? Prayer talked about, not done. Dead person told one Founder to start movement. Round Table heard it for years and how UNHEALTHY Families were, so many woman “dethroned” their husbands. False Church has been a tool in hand of satan to destroy family.

  31. Kev Wells

    Well please be encouraged. I have found that the only people who can remain comfortable and unharmed in these false ministries are the ones who never had a real salvation experience in the first place.

  32. Arendale

    I second that. I’ve been around ‘very unsaved people’ (street people) and know that while I don’t feel comfortable around them, they feel great around each other. The same, I used to attend the Atlanta Vineyard. Everyone there was like a robot as in middle-upper class and but very smart at all or desirous of godliness. When I asked a friend there why I didn’t feel right, he said it was the Holy Spirit in me, implying both that something was wrong with the church and that others there didn’t have the Holy Spirit. I didn’t get it back then in ’98-’00, but that I could have the Spirit (due to my true salvation experience just months before going to that church) and a whole church full of people don’t (due to their false conversions) is believable now.

  33. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale: I was chatting with you back and forth on Cosmic Cathedral until they finally removed truth about corrupt leaders. Saw you on a read and addressed you on Caris Adele’s website. I had asked if wanted to meet, remember? When/where (don’t travel in snow season, not sure where you and Kev based). Kev: on Cosmic, Tyler, I thought I knew, there was total of three articles that were excellent but comments were controlled (removed). Wonder who is part of rat pack removing coercion (showed me involved in darkside). Know for truth that these men in Christendom hire PR groups to erase truth, or have people on payroll to do such. Tells me part of satanic actively. Yes, know about Brice Taylor! Have you read: Sometimes If God Has A Kids Face by Bruce Ritter, book is excellent (yes, know about writer=sad)? Note what BT talks about and Ritter’s book, along with Runaway Girl by C. Phelps is you will hardly ever hear about
    Kev: have you read Battle Hymn? Want to send a memo, that don’t want posted. Also, Blaise Forte? Did a post of why left ihoprayer.

  34. Don't post, Kev wells for yr eyes only.

    dont post kev for yr eyes only. Sorry, in time of my life don’t email. So I will send this way and pls remove.
    Modern day Jason Bourne when talked, whatever told me took public at the time didn’t want deceased. Google: all email address for media and it all went, told me some horrific items and that Cake/Igloo/Apple initials of those three has planted themselves in Ministy’s, one official is President of a major Ministry (infiltrated) did you know of Ted gundesen (don’t look at it from yr computer, it will crash if research for Ted, former agent that’s deceased but was exposing like Franklin-cover-up. Media has yet to do truth regarding COlumbine they know, last time talked to someone they said 23 people have been murdered for trying to do the truth, haven’t talked to them for couple of years. Did u know in 89-90 with our taxpayers money r public school education system told our children to kill themselves if couldn’t cope in English grammar textbooks across the entire u.s. Focusonfamily took it public for me, by the way they are infiltrated and took it public at time. So much to tell. I’m like handbook for dummies when comes to Computers, sorry. Can type. Taking break working on getting well.
    Hopefully will meet. Doug/Millar has been exposing deep stuff and has been lied about and or discredited met/know/worked with, his forte is SRA victims.
    Later. Tks for what u researched, you have no idea (we really don’t know) how sick/evil it really is. Don’t forget evil pastors/regimes can set up sites to find those exposing. One site a woman got sued, at 1 time took public. Odd thing about her site she never named any denominations or their founders hmm. Not correct email below, something got dropped, ok.dont post.
    read R’s story on rumormills

  35. Always Research A Matter!

    Kev, understand discouraged, that’s why quit doing; not to mention writing it all out and it getting removed (truth). Your not responsible for what they do with the message only delivering. Thin about Matthew 7:13-14, was prompted to do a study and research. Have you read Rebecca Brown’s book, he came to set the captive free?
    Conclusion, few who make and find and Bible already written, wow!
    Arendale: clue not to be in a church or attend, I start getting violently ill or they move me over and over, kid you not, indicative of child molestation or homosexual sin, gross sin by head/leaders.

  36. Arendale

    I don’t recall that. I haven’t been on Cosmic Cathedral for a while. I hated the way Kendall Beachey was reporting about Tyler Deaton.

    I have a Google+ if you have gmail and want to connect there. Kev and I are on the east coast. We can see about connecting.

  37. Arendale

    Who is Doug Millar? Is there a way to connect with him?

    There was a minister named Tom Hawkins (www.rcm-usa.org) who specialized in ministry to survivors of ritual abuse. He was the top name in the country in this among Christians. His wife is a survivor of ritual abuse. I found it odd that, watching one of Tom’s DVDs, he reminded me in his features and the continued slight smirk on his face of a cult plant that I’d helped to uncover in a church in Rochester, NY in 2006. Then I met a survivor who said that Tom was a cult plant and had accessed him. Later, a therapist in Nashville who also survived ritual abuse and who I knew told me how Tom had accessed her and tuned her programming one night while her husband was away setting up the forum for the seminar Tom had come to town for! She only recalled this in therapy, and when she drew a picture of the man’s face in therapy and then showed it to her husband, he told her that it was Tom Hawkins who had given him chills for some reason while he was at the seminar. Several survivors also reported to at least one other Christian therapist that Tom had abused or accessed them. The therapist believed them; Tom somehow got wind of this and threatened this therapist with a suit, for libel/slander, if she didn’t keep quiet. Odd way for a Christian to react to allegations. I got this info. from a trusted Christian therapist who is also a linguist and does missionary work overseas translating the Bible into other dialects. Along with my own feelings about Tom, the fact that the cult places their people in all the top positions, and the bad stories I’ve heard from other survivors, I believe the therapist. They’ve set up their people in every field and at the heads of positions to preempt everything that is good and of God and to have complete right of way and power in every single human affair. This thing is more widespread than street crimes and happens every single day.

  38. Arendale

    You said you get I’ll in church? I come under heavy spiritual attack in churches. The attacks are least when everyone is quiet and the pastor is preaching (though I’ve heard one pastor who had the unusual ‘power’ to drive away the Holy Spirit just by preaching. I thought him to be a satanist/mason or at the very least directly tied to them. When your spirit (words) is dark enough to drive back the presence of the Lord, something is incredibly wrong with you); the attacks are more when there’s more movement among the people (this is because if the uncrucified flesh, the unsanctified soul, and the demonic in and around the people). It’s sad and pathetic.

    What do you mean that ‘they move you around’ in churches? And yes, pedophilia and child abuse happens in many churches as does ritual abuse. (There have been several recorded cases of ritual abuse discovered within churches, especially within Episcopal churches; I also witnessed survivors come forward to report abuse in a Rochester, NY church in 2006 after seven cult plants were uncovered operating in the church and ritually abusing people in it, having been entrenched there for fifteen years at that time and trusted as Christian members of the church.) satan wants to defile everything that’s good and also defile all that’s [meant to be] holy, like church buildings, children, Christians, marriages, anything that God made good.

  39. Always Research A Matter!

    I don’t understand how to get your email? Kev didn’t remove that one post requesting. People can’t handle truth=reality and also note Coverage of Data Broker’s that was covered 3/9/2014 1st story and 8/24/2014 2nd story covered on Sixty Minutes which would also be covered in the Movie, “Blue Thunder” -1983. Will give you information on what you asked when get your email.
    Example of another ?: I get ill (sick) not I’ll; either on way to churches or in building if something seriously wrong in these churches. Rebecca Brown MD “He Came to Set The Captives Free covers well what goes on in churches. Battle Hymn by Scura/Phillips write it well also.

  40. Always Research A Matter!

    Kev: have you ever posted the Jesuit Prayer? Very murderous prayer, if you don’t believe the way they do; believe it’s in Library of Congress (much like false churches and it’s evil leadership). By the way, going after the Youth is Cult Mentality, form of Hitlerism=satanism (destroying of home; not building strong families, healthy, example: “Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura is not modeled in Matriarchal Bioche Churches who are discontent with their husbands and families and committing spiritual adultery goo goo gah gaming over the pastor being discontent with their lives, Matriarch will work with pastor/church but disdain her husband/children, so sad. Arendale/Kevin: Read: Franklin Cover-up; Note all Books Referenced and also in David Kupelian Books; Battle Hymn. Noel Alexander and John Paul Jackson and Tim Davis (Ahab/Jezebel) all their tape teachings on Jezebel Spirit, true and correct (much of our current church leadership). Not JPJackson book on subject, something wrong with book, tape’s were excellent. Noel Alexander was brutal about women behavior in regards to church.

  41. Arendale

    I’ve read ‘The Franklin Coverup’ by John DeCamp as well as ‘The Franklin Scandal’ by Nick Bryant. I’m also very well-acquainted with the topic and issue of the Jezebel spirit and its sad and pathetic rule over many churches and in many Christian marriages and homes. I’m really at enmity with everything that has to do with that spirit as it’s chased off the prophets and seeks to murder God’s calling in every single Christian’s life.

  42. Arendale

    I read Rebecca Brown’s book several times. Even before I knew about satanists, I detected that the book was genuine and based on actual events, even as far as werewolves are concerned.

    I don’t want to post my email here. Do you have Google+ or Google Hangouts?

  43. Always Research A Matter!

    Kev/Arendale: just went to review Tammy’s Lament regarding JPJ on ripoff report.com and satanic jezebelian tentacles far reaching and majority of comments were removed; so they’re part of the beast system. I do not believe though anyone has a right to pray for people to die or curse with cancer. Enmity is a great thing regarding what mentioned.
    see website: truedsicernment.com (correct spelling.) sermon: David Wilkerson’s “warning for the Assemblies of God sadly unheeded” by the host John July 12, 2008; note comments also Sermon Done 3/10/1998.

  44. Arendale

    No, no one has a right to curse others or pray for them to meet some type of misfortune. That’s Jezebel’s MO.

  45. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale: Yes, Satan Comes To Kill, Steal and Destroy we don’t want to see Churches as such or our leaders; much is false sad to say. One of my very gifted brutal apostolic type friend is always saying to me “the church is the whore riding the beast and to come out of her”. What upsets me, is I’ve asked church leadership for years to address their congregants not to pray for people to die and or curse with cancer and to date haven’t heard that addressed yet. Another very gifted apostolic told me “it’s mis-use of power and authority and that’s when people die” when I went to ask him about the undeserved curse. Christians operating like warlocks/witches.
    True Examples were (these were told to me and or heard first hand: people praying people lose everything to come to Jesus, let them lose their business and or family whatever it takes to come to Jesus. Heard major named pastors praying that over someone in Pasadena, CA. Major names in so-called christendom pray for those to die/curse with cancer that come gains their ministry and or correct it. Ask Bickle and his regime if doing the same? When Don Long and Scott Bauer were doing that they were gone within a year (first beheaded in car accident, 2nd one dropped dead);
    Foursquare. Know someone correcting Greg Laurie’s church molestation cover-up and other items, son ended up dead in car accident-beheaded (indicative of praying for people to die). Same with Paul/Jan Crouch they were taking pride that four of five lawyers had died of cancer that had come against their Ministry (employee came forward that they were praying for people to die and ask inner sanctum staff to do the same); thinking they have the right and also because they stole “Televangelists settle $40 million plagiarism suit” Orange County Register January 1, 2002 by Teri Sforza (more articles, Trinity Foundation, Dallas Tx has a lot on TBN (www.tbnexposed.com, deceptioninthechurch.com, so many sites. “IBSS-News – 2001 Archive http://www.bibleandscience.com > news”; “Sylvia Fleener, who the paper says “is on her deathbed and wants justice served before she…..””; indicative of praying for people to die, people do get sick might have been was Sylvia dealing with. Bill/Jackie Alnor also have items on TBN. By the way Round Table of Church Correction List knew all this and they knew about Bickle even before David Wilkerson died.
    My former evil AOG pastor had a pastor become a cop to erase all controversial (corrupt) records on him and church (pretty evil stuff) or they have their plants in City Hall also to have insider information like building, acquiring property etc. Also, my former had spies/plants in other churches to report back, wow. sick men in our pulpits. Believe on annunk, somewhere is posted definition of a cult regarding churches.
    Kev: in the four research items to read churches, your site never came up, someone called and told me about recently. Comments are spread out from 2010 to current date; sent your site out to many people.

  46. Always Research A Matter!

    “Why Benny Hinn Became Our Wacky Neighbor” by John Bloom 05/20/2008 Wittenburgdoor.com. Excellent read and write.

  47. Arendale

    We know the period called the Dark Ages. If earth continued for one or more hundred years, people will look back on our time and recognize it as a second Dark Ages.

    We’re spiritually around 4am– the time when it is darkest as dawn approaches. It’s a time when false ministers are in authority and when God is about to bring forward true ministers. In 1Sam. 3:1-14, you have a very good picture of what’s happening right now: Eli refused to obey God and enact His wishes, therefore, God called Samuel. It says that at that time, God’s Word was rare; there was no vision; Eli’s eyes were going blind so that he could no longer see; and the lamp of God before the Ark of the Covenant was going out at night. THEN God called to Samuel. That speaks of vision/light and purpose/direction and the lack of them at that time. We’re exactly at that time when it’s night and there’s no vision and few true words from God. Solomon said that where there’s no vision (purpose, direction), people perish or cast off restraint. This is the time we’re in. The ministers who are corrupt will not repent or change (Eli was far more godly than many corrupt ministers today, and he still didn’t changr); God will have to call/send new ministers who will obey Him and do His will. Nothing will change for good before that happens.

    So what are sincere believers to do meanwhile as we’re in this darkness waiting for the dawn? They’re to recognize the times (ie. what is happening now has happened before; there will be no change without a changing of the guard) and pray for laborers (ie. those who labor WITH Christ, therefore having effect, and not those who see ministry as a means of some kind of self-gain). Recognizing ‘this present darkness’ isn’t enough; sincere believers must also recognize this time of transition from false to true ministers as well as pray for Jesus to send out (literally, release) the true ministers.

  48. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale & Kevin and everyone: tscpulpitseries.org June 18, 1998 “Last Days of America” by David Wilkerson. Along with 3/10/1989 message of Perilous Times Are Coming.
    Know when Blog even in secular media, constantly giving Deut. 28:all, or it’s everywhere America violence, corruption all of it. I’m always thinking of those verses where people shake their fists at God. How people are dead/dying in the streets and people are too busy to care and no compassion; not even false church and it’s leadership that people are flocking to to hear, see and or attend dead churches. Have Apostolic/Prophetic friends who called years ago and asked if it was too late to pray (pretty bad for them to ask that)? Remember seeing to Sword of the Lord would write D. Wilkerson all seeing and what was shown. Was researching something, how I came across the above message don’t know. Above message is the profane/false vs. holy/truth. Think of where we are as a nation in Ezekiel, Daniel.
    Thought the time told VCF they needed Coffins in their basement to carry out the dead and to keep one in their pastor’s office as a coffee table as a reminder when they asked “where were the Elijah’s of God”. Told them it’s like praying for the Glory, they didn’t recognize the one’s (Elijah’s) who had come; stupid pastor stood up and said the church couldn’t be deceived and you should of seen how many were in agreement with that. Not scriptural Matthew 24:24.
    The day of San Bernadino, CA shooting woke up thinking, for us who didn’t abort our children, enemy is so hard at work trying to kill an Apostolic/Prophetic generation (although the system tried through school system=evil textbooks). Above is confirmation of probably what your seeing, hearing and been heralding.
    Really sad, when you read people’s comments oversea’s and they’re not surprised and saying everyday America to violence.
    People are waiting for Rapture Cult lie (rapture, revival are not in Bible). James Lloyd wrote two booklets on that lie and a great expose of Chuck Smith Sr. and Calvary Chapel of over forty business entities he created;
    for people who are waiting for Rapture lie. Think of the Disciples and what they did, saw and had Jesus in their midst; they were NOT-EXEMPT how majority were martyred and why should we be exempt we who have had over 600 million Bibles; over 542/700 Bible Schools and Seminary’s, TBN/CBN/God T.V., ALL that we have and can do and yet look at us as a Church/Nation. Judgment begins where? If, the World is corrupt it’s because the church is. Not as the world goes so goes the church, it’s as the church goes so goes the world. To whom much was given, much was required!

  49. Arendale

    True. The prophetic has been under attack since the days of Elijah and Jezebel, and the apostolic has been under attack since the days of Jesus and the Jewish religious leaders. In twelve years, I’ve heard a lot of talking and seen a lot of good deeds done; but I haven’t yet met genuine apostolic believers who have that fragrance of Jesus Christ that doesn’t need to be advertised. Judgment starts at the churches; it hasn’t really started yet, so we have a ways to go.

  50. Always Research A Matter!

    Googled a Bible Verse and Charisma magazine came up and Bickle was on the Cover of June 2016 issue, so sad and known for years they were part of the beast system and that was confronted over Decade ago (backing up and defending men/ministries that were in sin all to make a buck/dollar and profit; as one young man said “definitely no prophets”). WE ARE NOT, NOT judging fruit and researching a matter our leaders backgrounds, foundations how they were founded. Years ago presented to many church leaders were “Assemblies of god=assassins of their god” founders Mormon, who founded them because realized no different from cult mentality not to mention so-self serving. God didn’t get any money, Bible isn’t going forth, so many dead men in the pulpit teaching their dead rhetoric to the same (worshipping men over Jesus). People love to have it so. Was once a stupid steeple wanting to believe the best of my leaders, had rose colored glasses on. Austin Miles-Don’t Call Me Brother; Losing My Religion by William Lobdell, Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Johnson/Van Vonderan depicts them well. People tithe and attend and keep building their inane kingdoms just like Bickle, so sad and so many others. Makes you wonder if founders are homosexual themselves since never want to investigate truth or child pedophiles and or expose corruption.

  51. Always Research A Matter!

    Steeple should have been sheeple.

  52. Always Research A Matter!

    Kevin and Arendale:
    Went to David Wilkerson’s website awhile back and Googled the video he had on Benny Hinn cursing people that came against HIS ministry and ALL this other dogma comes up on B.H. Absolutely amazing, kept reading and clicking more sites and reads and then Benny bragging giving money to the Vatican so there you go; more confirmation for you. Each site takes you to another site just gets more bizarre and crazy and the blatant LIES and people give their hard earned money and attend his meetings, wow! Amazing that we need a type of King Saul that is talked about in the Bible to get abused by Hireling, Wolf, False Shepherd, Snake Oil Salesmen selling their DEAD wares to be kept in their lifestyles. Also, Googled: Paul Crouch, Sr. Video of him damning people to hell that comes against HIS ministry and people still thrown money and THAT BOTH THESE MINISTRIES EVEN EXIST IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING as well as so many others. We’re not researching a matter on what’s in the pulpit, early years at all, where came from, foundations.
    Also, Dave had posted a great Video on Illuminati so watch that (was telling a very famous Author recently wondered if Dave died of a heart attack/stroke or forced in front of a Semi Truck=Google the pictures). JUST found out about: Thieves by Trey Smith exposes Mike Murdock and Benny Hinn and The Fleecing of Christianity by Jackie Alnor.
    Been reading prophetic bulletins by people that God is showing them Pastor’s are rats (rats are coming out of them, how disgusting and many people are getting this; that don’t know each other) and Pastor’s are Sharks (actually a lot of them are full blown Warlocks and we don’t want to see or know that or acknowledge). Holy vs. Profane. Meaning NO fruit in what they’re doing and devouring of people and metaphorically murdering people and leaving them for dead. Worse lament of many that are coming out of that abuse and struggling to recover.
    So, when saw a Title of a Book “Sharks on Land”; knew that well. See that they’re preying on the people rather than praying for! How did we lose site of what a real Church should look like; because we haven’t seen it!
    Amazing how we are content to live without the Standard of Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance, Humility, Prayer; MEN like Leonard Ravenhill in Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die!
    People are NOT reading their Bibles and kept too busy on dead methods and programs. Need for getting back to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the Bible=Word and NOT MAN! QUIT worshipping men/women in Ministries over God/Jesus/Holy Spirit.

  53. Arendale

    I agree. Benny Hinn is most probably a luciferian or mason (that’s how many ministers get rich and have no opposition except from concerned believers) as Mike Murdock definitely is (I heard about the book by Trey Smith and saw the YouTube videos about it). TBN and Daystar and other Christians outlets are infiltrated. satan doesn’t sleep and is facing an eternal life sentence of eternal death; so it shouldn’t be hard for Christians to realize and understand that he is undermining the work of Jesus today just as he did beginning in the Garden and all the way to the Cross and afterward (and will continue without stop or stoppage past the Millenial Reign of Christ all the way to the last war and will only stop when he is finally cast forever into the Lake of Fire). luciferian-controlled churches and ministers have preached half-truths like “You are more than conquerors” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” so long that most Christians now unknowingly think (and some have the guts to say it) that satan has no power at all to harm a Christian or fell an entire city or nation. This isn’t true. A mere backing off and away from church for a few months and rather than being involved watching church rituals from a distance will beg the question as to who exactly has ruined and pulled down the churches. The only real honest answer will then have to be “satan”, that deceiver who lays low the nations, not just the churches.

    And yes, many pastors are warlocks, satanists, luciferians, masons, etc. I live in Bellingham, WA, a cursed town that is literally owned by satanists who in turn control Christianity and almost 99% of the Christians here. All the churches here are infiltrated and the pastors are mind-controlled puppets for satanists (unknown to the pastors), preaching and promoting false doctrines and threatening with harm anyone who ‘speaks against’ (ie. wants to test or scrutinize) their ministries. The churches are in a state of emergency; but I am no longer fretting about it, thank God. My main concern is to see those who want to be saved saved and those who are in their way judged and removed from being a hindrance to them.

  54. Always Research A Matter!

    Hi Arendale: Wow, thanks for feedback. I also am in a very cursed Town sad to say; CHURCHES are VERY INEFFECTUAL; worse Media is celebrating “year of the witch” it was on the cover of a newspaper; revealing what Aaron Katz confirms for me and know in “Reality, the Hope of Glory. There is no middle ground between God and Satan, NEVER HAS BEEN; NEVER WILL BE SO YOUR EITHER FOR GOD AND FOR SATAN AND WE ARE SEEING THAT MORE AND MORE. It’s like when they were heralding giving creedence to M. Ali and Castro I kept thinking why can’t and aren’t they celebrating God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and giving him Press? M. Ali didn’t save, heal and deliver and or forgive men and people celebrate Cuban guy (“thug”) who how many died, murdered under his regime? More later.

  55. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale: Who is benching false leadership these days now that David Wilkerson died? Look at the following: spiritualsoundingboard.com and note the current: Breaking News: Former Church Says Tullian Tchividjian Should Not Be in Ministry – via Warren Throckmorton (December 1st, 2016 comments and ping sites).

  56. Arendale

    I don’t who Tullian Tchividjian is. No one right now is saying anything about any of this after David Wilkerson’s passing. You know anyone?

  57. WOW!

    Arendale: Just saw this, T.T. is a pastor whose defiling women/married women because has major parental issues (grandson of billy graham). Been giving items to H.B.London Jr/Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family, Jack Deere, Sid Roth, John Sandford, J. Lee Grady, Charisma (not that they would expose it?), Rolland/Heidi Baker (some might be complicit and part of the rat pack but they should know and deal with it). Do we have any Holiness MEN who would deal with like Dave? Kinda sad if not!

  58. Arendale

    WOW, who is T.T.?

    I used to respect James Dobson, but after he mocked the plight of survivors of satanic ritual abuse (he declared there is no such thing as occultists sadistically abusing children and people, or something like that), I bowed out and abandoned everything that has anything to do with him.

    “Colleagues stick together,” I like to say. Those ministers might say the right things, sometimes when they are in the Spirit, but they rarely do the right thing. It is common and was in Jesus’s day who said to the people regarding the ministers of the day (the teachers of the Law and Pharisees), “Do what they say, but do not do what they do.” I saw a pastor who preached the truth while he was in the Spirit; but after the sermon, he stepped back into the flesh and denied everything he preached when I came to talk to him about it. This isn’t abnormal or really even strange; the Spirit works through anyone through the gifts, but the person is still at liberty to walk in the Spirit and not just speak or minister by the Spirit. We see this with King Saul who prophesied and then returned to living in rebellion.

    This waffling and wavering back and forth between the Spirit and flesh is what you will get with most of these ministers who write and preach the right things; they will choose to live life in the flesh and will side with their ungodly or compromised colleague ministers and only ‘walk in the Spirit’ when it is time to minister. It is this kind of people who will say in that Day, “Have we not prophesied and done all kinds of ministry in Your name?” and who Jesus will reject as those who didn’t obey (walk with) Him: “I never [intimately] knew you.” These ministers can throw a person off and often do, but their wall-straddling and living life in the flesh while ministering in the Spirit happens all the time; it happened in both the OT and the NT. “Therefore, by their FRUITS (their everyday lives, not their proper doctrine or success in ministry) you will RECOGNIZE them” and won’t have to be confused about their waffling or wavering or seeming lack of inconsistency.I would advise you to maybe write to or contact such people once and after that no more. They are often arrogant and beyond the reach of the ‘average man’ just as many of Israel’s kings viewed themselves and so rejected the prophets who to them were ‘nobodies’.

  59. WOW!

    Arendale: When you deny SRA’s then you’re part of the problem and the rat pack that’s talked about in Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips etc., You have to look at who funds them and gives them $ and who keeps them going (Googled: is dr. james dobson part of the illumanti). Yes, I’ve seen Ministers preach the right message and gospel and then DENY what they said and not back-up scripture (by your fruit you will know them). Right, there is time you give the message and then you don’t concentrate on it. Ezekiel 2: message. Deliver the message, not responsible for what they do with it and what and how God works in all of it. Leonard Ravenhill would write it best in Why Revival Tarries, America is Too Young to Die, Sodom Had No Bible, Tried and Transfigured etc., Revelations 2: Don’t want to learn satan’s deep secrets. Appreciate you and Kevin for posting and the many Wished we could meet.

  60. Arendale

    Maybe we will meet someday. I’m in the process of breaking free of the chains of RA bondage myself.

    You’re right about those ministers. james dobson is fake; anyone who says he champions the cause of children and denies that pedophiles exist, or who says that he promotes unity in families but derides the existence of satanic ritual abuse, is fake. Plain and simple. On the issue of ritual abuse and the way that about 99% of American christians treat the issue, a minister and survivor of ritual abuse writes in part:

    “It may seem to some as if I ‘have it in’ for certain people, as I keep
    referring negatively to the same people and groups: Bob and Gretchen
    Passantino, Cornerstone, CRI, Ralph Underwager, and Gordon Melton.
    If I do, it is for three reasons: 1) They all claim to be Christian. 2) As
    Christians, they should be accountable for what they do and say, and
    they haven’t been. 3) The damage they have inflicted on suffering
    victims of ritual abuse and MPD has been incalculable. Instead of
    prayer, support and healing, these victims have been ridiculed and
    humiliated with a degree of arrogance, unconcern and flippancy I have
    never encountered in the secular world. If Christian survivors are
    turning to the secular world for counseling, it is largely because we
    have rejected them, and the above-mentioned people and groups stand
    guilty before God for treating as unimportant this command:
    “Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble
    knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so the lame may not be
    disabled, but rather healed’ (Heb. 12:12-13).” (http://fromtheinsideout.tripod.com/articles/ra/ra-mpd-church.htm)

    dobson haughtily derided the notion of the existence of ritual abuse and satanists torturing and raping kids and adults (too bad most Americans ‘follow the leader’ and think that ministers and professionals know better than everyone else). Anyone who flippantly mocks the plight of those who are abused by satanic cults is either one of the occultists, covering for the occultists, or is a complete idiot (fool) and is arrogant usually beyond the reach of salvation. But the cults (that perpetrate ritual abuse) are smart: they always put their people in all the areas of society that will influence people AWAY from helping survivors. It would be sensible that dobson is one of them in one way or another.

  61. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale: Yes, my former Pastor was extremely evil and to take money in the guise of Christianity and NOT heal up the people and or have healthy families and constantly sweeping sin under the carpet and horrific sins just because don’t want tithe money drying up to build their dynasty’s (hope they don’t die nasty) and as bethcavete.wordpress.com her “coming out alive” and it is for our very lives. The people you mentioned: it would be nice like my former EVIL given over to satan pastor would examine his life and live a repentant, humility, correctable, teachable lifestyle but somewhere he must have been upset/P’O’d at God and made a very wrong vow to build an empire to self and LEFT MANY MANY casualties like “violently killed in the church, taken and sawn asunder and pulled from limb to limb” (look it up in Hebrews also); IF, they would repent and go look up everyone and apologize=NOT to late to repent and apologize because “is death the end, the reality of hell”=they do not realize they are going to burn in hell and fry extra crispy=SCARY, SCARY, SCARY and that’s for Eternity and God does NOT LIE. These people, like so many becomes god’s unto themselves and definitely no fear of the Lord=therefore NO WISDOM. WORSE, to think there is no God and or Hell and or Heaven (Hope). Mind blowing for people to think there is NO God, just look at Human Anatomy alone! God knows the hearts of men/women, oh yes he does! Wherever Paul Sr./Jan Crouch, Oral Roberts and many, God knows. How fearful it will all be on Judgment Morning/Day!

  62. Arendale

    Hey, how can I contact you? Do you have a facebook (or an email if you feel comfortable sharing it here)?

  63. Always Research A Matter!

    Hi Arendale & Kevin: Anyone read: Dragnet Nation by Julia Angwin and or The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner and People in Glass Houses by Tanya Levin; Ungodly Fear by Stephen Parsons? Does anyone know Charisma (Steve Strang & Group) since someone brought that up to me also belong to same group mentioned above since they promote R. Joyner and M. Bickle? Anyone?

  64. Always Research A Matter!

    Correction: Name of Article was “Season of the Witch”; was visiting friend and came across man who conveyed and he was moving a Woman and he confronted her on her Books, Art Work, Dishes, paraphernalia and BLATANCY OF IT ALL; she told him she was “a Witch sent to the Central Coast=specifically Santa Maria to pray for the demise of Marriages-against Marriages”; asked him was he notifying all churches/pastors in said City? Pulled Yellow Pages and Counted how many Churches in City over 79 and total in Central Coast area (since some Pastor in Pasadena was bragging their were over 6,000 churches in California alone=a lot of perversion and strongholds over their Cities sad to say). FYI. Came across apostolic/ prophetic types that said area was really Dark, lot’s of Death/Murder/Drugs sees the churches as very ineffectual=NOT PRAYING but preying on the people (heard other items=sad)!

  65. Arendale

    I don’t know any of those groups except for Charisma Magazine and rick joyner and mike bickle.

  66. Arendale

    It’s a really sad state of things. The Bible foretells it and it’s far worse than I’d initially thought.

  67. Always Research A Matter

    Arendale: Per your 2/26 9:32 memo gave this Host permission to give you what you requested and trust/hope he does and or did! Please read: People in Glass Houses by Tanya Levin (over 50 year pedophile cover-up by assassins of their god (assemblies) by original founder of Hillsong along with Donald Elley’s many articles (excellent writer and researcher one who has been exposing cover-up and he mentions another writer also, that’s how found Tanya Levin’s book by his recommend). Stephen Parson’s Book “Ungodly Fear” have several copies out being passed around and to keep going to the next. Yes, it’s far worse than initially thought. Please keep us all in prayer. Did you note what the Ohio (R) said 4/24/2017 his closing comment about “God Mattered” and expounded on. This Nation and any other CANNOT expect to spit God in the face and remain here as a Nation we’re so imploding from within and worse the lack of PRAYER and Gospel Message to those-so very sad and disheartening; Derek Prince did a tremendous teaching on the 5th Column. Meaning it wouldn’t be the Armies from the North/South/East/West that would destroy America but our own Institutions from within that America set up would destroy; Leonard Ravenhill confirms throughout his written works. Have you read any of Steve Sampson’s Books (note the Titles) and the one Chapter starts out we are in a War (Ephesians 6:all)! Looked at Rick Alan Ross website; noted he has a book out, have you read (I haven’t)? Keep thinking of 6/1990 message of Fuschia Pickett; she was at Karl Strader’s Church giving a wonderful message of HOPE, it was the unless and until that stood out (would have considered her an Elijah type in a woman). Please keep in Prayer!

  68. Always Research A Matter!

    Have a very gifted Apostolic friend who said: “THE PROPHETS ARE COMING, THE PROPHETS ARE COMING, THE PROPHETS ARE COMING”; YES, they are! Between the EVIL shows “Santa Clarita Diet” and “13 Reasons Why” (such a spirit of murder/death); God raise up ARMIES of what David Wilkerson prayed for in “Troublemakers in the Church” (the people behind the shows need to be investigated and their childhoods of WHY they’re defiling so many and what are their issues and yet were is the Church in all of this=people are the church)! We need Elijah’s/Jehu’s/Deborah’s/Jael’s confronting the Ahabs and Jezebels and the Corrupt Church/Leaders and such a Spirit of Murder in this Nation! Deuteronomy 28:all comes to mind and 30:19. God comes to give LIFE and Life more abundately and Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. We are seeing the War of Ephesians 6:all and those who are for God vs. Satan=fine line. NO middle ground, never has been, never will be (hot or cold or getting spewed)! Matthew 11:12 comes to mind. It’s the Word that goes forth to do the very thing it said it would do; NOT man’s Opinion. Think of John 10:all. Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible is one of the Best in my book.

  69. Arendale

    I haven’t read any of those books, but I am aware of many of the things going on. Is it possible to contact you privately off this site?

  70. Arendale

    Always Research A Matter, on the Jezebel spirit and Elijah, Jehu, Deborah (what an angelic and wonderful woman), and Jael, the Jezebel spirit has been satan’s ‘Executor of Intention’ in my life. (That means as regards my own life, ‘she’ is the one in charge of carrying out satan’s charge to steal, kill, and destroy.) I kid you not: everywhere I go and God is trying to do something, this wicked witch is there.

    I am currently homeless. Whenever I try to get out of this situation, which God has very clearly said is not His will, etc., Jezebel shows up, and the Ahab spirit or mindset in the man yields to Jezebel. This happened several times just recently: several male friends of mine wanted to give me a hand up so I can get out on my own and be independent and not stuck in homeless shelters… but the women in their lives, with or without reason, pressed and pressured the men to have nothing to do with me and to abandon me which the men did. Just an hour ago, I blocked a guy I knew from my phone, because he insisted on defending Jezebel’s actions instead of promoting God’s will.

    This is a monumental issue– this Jezebel problem– especially in the West where it’s more important to be ‘proper’ than to be ‘right’. Western men are passive, and Jezebels run them. The men will even admit that God wants them to do this or that; but then Jezebel will contradict what God wants, and they will go with what Jezebel wants. Again, is there a way I can contact you privately? This issue is pathetic, and I’ve had it up to here dealing with men who lose all their power and strength when Jezebel just says, “No, you will not do what God wants but what I want.” TERRIBLE.

  71. Arendale

    Hi. Is there any way I can contact the original poster of this article? Is it Julie or Jarrod who wrote it? Can I contact the person privately please? Thanks.

  72. Always Research A Matter!

    Arendale: Yes, understand about the “**wicked witch is there”. So, many homes are Ahabed out so to speak. Even heard a Derek Prince teaching about in 70’s regarding where he was in foreign countries with drums of voodoo Doctor’s and U.S.A. was worse regarding Jezebel Spirit and it’s so true; not just in our homes but the Pastor’s as well given over to that Spirit and worse they think they’re Godly Men/Women or Husbands/Wives. God is seeing those who are for him and won’t compromise; also especially those selling out for a paycheck and or building their kingdom. Consider assassins of their god total jezebelian as well as foursquare; matriarchal bioche’s run the show and they’re going to make the children’s life flippin’ hell if don’t attend all these cult churches as God, Jesus, Holy Spirit doesn’t get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name. Might have mentioned this before, there was SO MUCH DEATH in my former church, almost every family lost a child and some two; high price to pay for worshipping the used car salesmen selling his dead mormon type religion worshipping the pastor over God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and a type of Molech. I saw it as all these women were discontent with their lives like they thought Pastor had it all together when he was such a liar, constantly hiding sin; NOT living in truth under the carpet and NOT living in reality like preaching Divorced people were 2nd class citizens-where is that in the Bible? Such a guilt, condemnation, criticism and belittling regime WORSE, NO APOSTOLIC AND OR PROPHETIC TOTALLY MURDERED IT as the assassins of their god do not believe in that doctrine so they shouldn’t exist and people don’t see Angels (what about all the examples in the Bible). Bragging he (pastor) knew the Word-Bible better than anyone BUT DID NOT LIVE. Look at the Movie: Blindside that was Jezebelian situation, for the girlfriend NOT to allow a child/young adult to live in the house but wanting to live in the streets and so many homes are like that and churches and so-called Christian Homes that are anything but Christian (could write volumes). Yes, I’ve met so many people like you that given the John Paul Jackson “Jezebel Spirit” teaching and Noel Alexander and Tim Davis on the same subject and they call me crying that this Spirit has followed them their entire life*. I don’t see Churches building Shelters to help the Homeless especially without insane, dogma, evil rules (could write that book). Habitat for Humanity builds homes what does the church build besides being a self-serving, business, PYRAMID SCHEME that helps no one but themselves for the most part and constantly lies where the money goes. Expecting Ananias and Sapphira endeavor.
    So many that aren’t going to compromise the message, meaning they don’t want us in the church or the pulpits because were NOT the golden-haired people that are going to bring in $ to their coffers to keep the dynasty going. My former evil pastor has his jezebelian tentacles far reaching in other ministries and they’re ineffectual and the young men/women don’t realize what they’re dealing with because they haven’t been taught and NOT RESEARCHING A MATTER like those excellent teachers that wrote books to educate (already mentioned above). Worse, he had men in the church go visit other ministries and report back; VERY sad, a Godly man when this pastor first came to town visited him to see how they could change their City for God; all this Godly man found out was this man was VERY UNHEALED AND CONSUMED WITH BUILDING A KINGDOM TO HIMSELF=extremely abusive=no one judging fruit. This man also put men in teaching positions that abused their wives (an elderly person in the church told me he was a really sick man but NEVER left=addicted to religion and totally fit the profile of “Jezebel Spirit” teaching by JPJ (son became flaming homosexual, daughter had child out of wedlock; didn’t share bedroom with Husband for over 30 years yet he was great for providing beautiful home, travel etc., how sad and so many marriages like that in the church).
    *What’s sad about that is no one is helping like yourself; been through what you’ve been through; only ones who know us are those who fast and pray and that’s a really small, minority group and they think they’re right with God and going to heaven and that’s between them and God. Those who have nothing give out of their nothing. Have a very gifted Apostolic Friend who told me it’s really sad when an unsaved reprobate lives the gospel and gives them a place to stay (I was thinking of Elijah and the Widow Woman endeavor). I was calling John Paul Jackson before he died asking for a place for those like Ranch (been drawing out those plans for years and asking help for others=so sad that the false church is so ineffectual=evil really=how FEARFUL it will ALL be on Judgment Day). NO FEAR OF THE LORD, THEREFORE NO WISDOM Proverbs 9:10=scriptural. **people were singing that song when someone didn’t get in office. LOVE HAS GROWN COLD=I Corinthians 13:all


    why didn’t last item worked on where did it go? can you send it to my email. THANKS! Was addressing Arendale’s 5:10 a.m. Memo.


    CORRECTION TO THE ABOVE: Sweeping sin under the carpet (which is also Jezebelian to NOT live in TRUTH)
    Also; think of PROPHETS ARE COMING BEEN SAYING THAT ALSO, WITH THE SWORD OF THE LORD IN THEIR MOUTHS AND THEY WILL COME! False Church, Leadership, People, World doesn’t want to HEAR the Woe’s, the Thus Sayeth the Lord and or Repent or Death message; the true does. WHO IS DECLARING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? Pastor saying we will show you to the door if you ask for money is Jezebel, NO one should have stayed but we want your money to be kept in comfortable lifestyle**,

    Arendale: per your 5:10, 5/14/2017 Memo:
    Had an Apostolic Friend that for over 5 years asking them to listen to the Jezebel teachings and finally he told me and apologized and it SHOCKED him to the core that this Spirit was what’s happening in homes, marriages, churches, news, world as he was finally making copies from tape to CD and listened to them and apologized for NOT listening sooner (his loss of getting educated). Jezebel tentacles are far reaching; which call it Jezebel is satan, death, murder of giftings in the church, murder and suppression of everything that is Philippians 4:8. It’s LIFE vs. Death (murder). Study those verses in the Bible (like Deuteronomy 30:19. This man would give the gospel message to anyone and everyone he came across; it was such an intrinsic part of his life (want Armies of those types also).

    Hosea 4:6, **Revelations 3:15-17 comes to mind. Look at John 10:all!
    I would refer you to a very gifted Apostolic *friend for help but NOT mature enough to deal with your gifting unfortunately still selling out to used religion salesmen selling their dead religion needing man’s approval, dropping big names, in want and need of nothing so they think but what is their soul worth; time will tell (still bee boppin through life). Worse, still NOT doing true church but what’s been modeled. I speak this for myself, it’s pretty bad when we can’t give the gospel message to those we work with, come across, in everyday life or on T.V., and Radio because it wasn’t modeled, taught, THE GOSPEL MESSAGE ISN’T EVEN IMPORTANT IN THE FALSE CHURCH and have I thrown God, Jesus, Holy Spirit under the Bus? Much what we deal with is churches/news serving their ideology as fact and true when it is NOT (thinking of Larry King Interview of famous Pastor that has a huge church that Larry asked him so many ways to give the Gospel Message and he DID NOT). Think of any major network and it’s NOT GOD’S AGENDA=THANK GOD! Majority of news is Jezebel=inane, inept, dead rhetoric, propaganda, lies (Proverbs definitely NOT their forte or model; same for our lives). Think of all the lies we sit under and tolerate in church=why? Giving us their god, their jesus and their unholy spirit and worse violating sheep and people tithe and attend and throw money at=really! Worse murdering the Apostolic/Prophetic!

    *Sad, those who went through the same hellish road of loss, suffering, and almost death and loneliness, Jezebelian Spirit to murder gifts and callings and destiny’s (such spiritual abortion in the church); don’t build a School rather to train and launch out to the Nations or a Ranch for Apostolic, Prophetic and Intercessors and yet the IRONY want them to pray for them yet; yet offer no homes or a place because don’t know what a true church looks like (people are the church, NOT buildings because again humility, repentance, holiness, living TRUTH, AND TRUE wasn’t modeled but dead religion served up by dead men who weren’t servants. (study that). Gov’t like false church is self-serving=not of God! Matthew 7:13-14. We all forgot “IT IS WRITTEN”.

    Example: Like this is the Beast System: Jezebel example is “Dragnet Nation” by Julie Angwin and “Data Brokers” 3/9/14 (1st story out); 8/24/14 (2nd story out on 60 minutes)=Jezebel Tentacles far reaching=paranoia, fear and control=ultimate control. Think Leonard Ravenhill writes it BEST in “Why Revival Tarries-1959 & America is Too Young to Die-1979 other than the Bible. Arthur Katz would be next in Apostolic Foundations, Prophetic Call; Reality, the Hope of Glory, True Fellowship. Also, another example of Jezzy is Witches are praying for the Demise of Marriages and that’s acceptable to the people (especially for those who became “needless casualty of war”) and someone told me that 2/28/2017 Charisma did an article about Witches declaring war on Trump=that’s Jezebel at it’s finest, all murderous=satan, not life giving not bringing out the gifts and callings in anyone and where is false church/people PRAYING instead of PREYING on the people. “Fatherless America” by David Blankenhorn depicts that well as “The strength of a nation lies in the homes of its people” and the church has been a tool in the hand of satan to destroy the family (my former regime, demonation (not misspelled) was a great example of that; wrote the book and gave it to David Wilkerson depicted great in “Don’t Call Me Brother” by Austin Miles and “Losing My Religion” by William Lobdell and thought Pagan Christianity wrote it really well also exposing the Lies by Frank Viola (green cover only). Praying for Armies of Jehu’s as it wasn’t Elijah that killed Jezebel & Luke 8:17, Luke 12:2-3, Acts 17:11, Matthew 10:26-31 PRAY THE WORD. Sad, the False Church is playing dead church and the people are content to have it so. Matthew 11:12 comes to mind and it’s ABOUT TIME! It’s also the Malachi 4:5&6 call! Note: You CANNOT get anyone delivered of Jezebel Spirit, “it’s sin, it’s sin, it’s the sin of witchcraft thinking of Deuteronomy 28:all. ALL READ YOUR BIBLES including myself! Matthew 25:31-end!


    Thought: What’s really sad is all these false ministries, big names and we know who they are: “fake love, fake preachers, fake gospel” and they’re robbing the TRUE to consume it on themselves and their lifestyle and their retirement and their standard of living and their children’s private education and their numerous expensive cars, motorcycles and vacations homes and Ranches and businesses, planes, homes for themselves, homes for their children, huge bank accounts and preach the lie of the prosperity Gospel and look at what Jesus said how to live and HE DID NOT LIVE LIKE SUCH and yet they’re prostituting and whoring God, Jesus, Holy Spirit=NO FEAR OF THE LORD, therefore NO WISDOM! Research what they own and worth and what’s hidden oversea’s in other people’s names. I’d give you the Bible verses, you can read the Bible for yourself. There WILL BE A DAY OF RECKONING. Read: 9/19-20/04 William Lobdell expose just on TBN alone=disgusting! Just so we don’t do that!
    Why in Hades would you be in a church that didn’t exemplify Jesus and the completed redemptive work of the Cross, let alone Word-Bible, true Worship that usher’s you into his throne room, prayer, Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance and PRAYER, PRAYER, PRAYER and content to live without the Mysteries that are written in the Bible and is living True Religion=James 1:27 and Apostolic/Prophetic in full swing and gives back to the people rather than being spiritual vampires and spiritual cannibals that the majority are currently are (the rats/sharks prophetic bulletins also, sucking the life out of you and leaving you for dead=just a thought; keeping you so busy building their kingdom you have no time for yourself, family and or to READ YOUR BIBLE). Can you imagine the false church is content to live without the supernatural and God and his amazing, wonderful Glory!. Find a pastor that truly prays 6-12 hours a day. Can you imagine if the TRUE CHURCH had provided and blessed the people and built people rather than their kingdoms and given houses and like the Town of Amana, Iowa (how smart and giving, creative, bringing out gifts and talents and the best in people and living the Golden Rule-Matthew 7:12)!

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