A Great post from Beyond Grace

Our buddy Bill posted a link on one of our threads to a post he has just written. I was so impressed with it that I asked if we could post it over here. He shows yet again how the leaders of this prophetic movement love to revise their history to make themselves look more orthodox and distance themselves in public from anything that may hurt their thin evangelical veneer.  So without further ado .

Revisionism and The Blueprint Prophecy

Imagine, if you will, a leader of a religious group or secret society who based his entire movement on a foundational document – but yet would not share the contents of that document. Sacred writings, which were delivered to him by an unidentified mystery prophet. A blueprint which was confirmed to him by a “supernatural encounter which included an angel and a demon.” Writings which were confirmed by yet another prophet, one who later was discovered to have had women stand in front of him naked while he “prophesied” over them.

Mormonism? Freemasons? No, this movement is known as the “24/7 Prayer Movement” whose adherents are called “Forerunners.” They are best known as the “International House of Prayer” (IHOP) and the leader is Mike Bickle.

The foundational document is something they call the “Blueprint Prophecy.”

In Bickle’s world it is a given that all prophesies must be tested and judged. However, Bickle to this day, has not released a complete, full version of the prophecy which was given to him in writing. Assuming that other leaders in the movement may have had access to the complete document, the parallels to Mormonism and Freemasonry are stunning. In movements such as these, certain elements of their teachings are revealed only to those who have earned trust.

Looking for the earliest extant version of the Blueprint Prophecy has been like looking for the Dead Sea Scrolls. Or the golden tablets. According to Mike Bickle, the original Blueprint prophecy was received on March 26, 1984. Bickle also states that the Blueprint was not made “public” until 2002, although portions have been withheld.

The 2006 version of the Blueprint Prophecy(1) is identified as an edited version and is dated March 26, 1984. However, this version was created on MS Word (not available in 1984) by Jack Hill and the meta-data tag is August 15, 2006. We have not been able to locate an extant 2002 version of the prophecy; it may or may not resemble the 2006 version.

The 2009 version(2) , which was posted on the IHOP website in support for a special 10 year anniversary celebration which featured talks on the history of the movement by Mike Bickle.(3) It was prepared by Stephen Jordan (on a Mac OS X 10) on September 28, 2009. The document states that it was edited on September 19, 2009.

Judging Prophecy

Bickle has stated that this document is a “comprehensive prophetic word.” The unidentified prophet stated “the Lord gave me the blueprints for your movement.”(4) While Bickle has not ascribed to the blueprint the weight of scripture, it is clearly identified as a prophetic word from the Lord. A case could be made from Bickle’s teachings that Bickle looks at all scripture though the lens of the Blueprint Prophecy. Nonetheless, Bickle’s own movement teaches the importance of judging prophetic words.

“Two or three prophets should speak, and the others should
weigh carefully what is said.” (NASB) 1 Corinthians 14:29

“Now these were more noble-minded than those in
Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the
Scriptures daily (to see) whether these things were so.”
(NASB) Acts 17:11.

“We believe that the subjectivity of the prophetic ministry
must be vigorously tested against the inspired and infallible Scriptures that
God gave for doctrine, reproof, correction and for instruction in
righteousness.” Affirmations and Denials (5)

Somehow, the Blueprint Prophecy gets a “free pass.” Bickle has stated that portions were removed by him, things that, in his words fell into the category of “I don’t know what that means,”(6) so he did not want them in print (circulation).

Mike Bickle, in 1982, received a prophetic word that said “I (the Lord) will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.”(7) If Bickle’s movement is indeed this significant in the history of the church then, like scripture, the dispensation of this message should not be left up to “private interpretation.” (c.f. 2 Peter 1:20)

Shifting Sands

Even more disturbing is the changing nature of this pivotal document. In response to accusations of aberrant doctrine and practice, Bickle’s organization released a statement of “Affirmations and Denials” in 2008.(8) The document addresses issues such as the “Latter Rain” and the “Joel’s Army.” Bickle says his prophetic movement is all about “standing boldly in faith for what the Spirit is saying.”(9) Could it be the “spirit” keeps changing his mind? Or is the “spirit” saying things for which we cannot “boldly stand?”

Dozens of changes have been made and will no doubt be discussed by others. For the purpose of brevity, I would like to highlight just a few typical revisions. The first has to do with the “Latter Rain.”

In Affirmations, Bickle attempts to distance himself from the label “Latter Rain,” a doctrinal aberration espoused by the entire apostolic/prophetic movement. (10) In their most recent edit of the foundational document, supernaturally delivered and confirmed, Bickle conveniently removed the phrase Latter Rain. Is this one of those things which Bickle does not “know what it means?” Surely someone has explained this to him at some point in time.


Bickle, as with most large para-church organizations, has not been immune to criticism regarding money. Bickle’s organization of “Treasure Bringers”(11) (“Ministers of Finance” in the blueprint) seeks men who will behave like an “unrighteous steward.” One leader within his organization has stated “The Treasure Bringers are those with an anointing from God to facilitate this massive wealth-transfer.” “They are spiritual ‘Robin Hoods.’ Their greatest joy is plundering the wealth of the world for their Lord.”(12) Perhaps editing the prophecy could tone this down a bit.

Note that the phrase about “checks and money,” although deleted in this portion of the 2009 word, reappears later on in the prophecy where the phrase “I will be your purse bearer” occurs again. The “purse bearer” phrase is seen twice in 2006, but only once in 2009. So here we see a shift in location and frequency of certain critical statements, perhaps changing the emphasis of those statements.


Just as the King James and the NIV bibles are translated in different manners, so it is with the Blueprint Prophecy. In the case of the Blueprint, we cannot go back to the original Greek. We can’t even go back to the original English!

Here it appears that Bickle was either attempting to modernise some archaic language (archaic in 1983, too) or he wanted to avoid the implication that he would have both male and female mates, thus distancing him from Ted Haggard and many other fallen figures in the Charismatic movement. Personally, I think its a credible change, but this does not represent an edit, but rather a translation.

This however, is a distraction. Note the real purpose of this paragraph is to state that Bickle is the new Moses. Perhaps other portions of this prophecy are even more grandiose which could be another explanation as to why they remain secret. Bickle states that some secret things in the prophecy were “too big” for him to wrap his brain around. No problem with the Moses thing, though.

Bickle also corrects what could lead to blatant theological error in removing “You shall” from the phrase “You shall consecrate.” This makes sense, but the question as to the original text, the “prophetic word,” remains.


This section features a few simple edits which seem benign enough. The emphasis supplied in the 2009 version seems to be a justification of the cult-like atmosphere seen at the Kansas City compound (“City of Habitation”).

More importantly is the tacit approval of the teachings of Mike Bickle seen in the statement “Your doctrine shall be my doctrine – by My Spirit.” This is not unlike the standard charismatic validation of a prophetic word: “The Lord says – hear the word of my prophet, for I have given him my word.” The use of the phrase “by My Spirit” in the 2006 version plausibly implies that God has a work to do in Mike Bickle, and that He is going to align Bickle’s doctrine with His. The 2009 version implies that God will adopt Mike Bickle’s doctrine.


And it is this sort of grandiose elevation of Mike Bickle above mere mortals that causes alarm. Simply put, if what was delivered in the original prophecy was so significant, should not the body of Christ know? Or is Mike Bickle the benevolent Pope whom God entrusts, but others cannot handle this divine revelation. Martin Luther, where are you now?

Indeed, in the Blueprint Prophecy (unabridged), Mike Bickle has been established as the one who will “anoint with the Holy Oil” the accepted ones in the last days church – the bride that prepares for the soon coming Lord. And as previously noted, Bickle is the one who “shall consecrate” this people.


I don’t think further commentary is necessary. I am nailing this article to the door of the internet. If you have followed Mike Bickle blindly, accepting everything he has said, and believing that he has kept things secret to protect you, or because you could not possibly understand it, I am calling you to repent. It is wrong to accept unjudged prophecy and let it govern your life.

By their own admission the Blueprint Prophecy is foundational. Mike Bickle has chosen to keep secret certain portions of that written word which was once delivered to him, and to revise other portions which seem offensive. Mike, it is time to show us your cards.


(1) Blueprint Prophecy 2006 Version pdf document Revision August 15, 2006, Jack Hill.

(2) Blueprint Prophecy 2009 Version pdf document Revision September 28, 2009, Stephen Jordan.

(3) Tenth Year Anniversary of IHOP website.

(4) Prophetic History Session 8, Mike BickleVideo Time Stamp 06:43.

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(10) For information about the Latter Rain see: Anointing or Apostasy – The Latter Rain Heresy by Charles Graves pdf document

(11) Joseph Company Vision Statement web archive

(12) Six Kingdom Callings of Marketplace Christians by Bob Fraser web archive copy



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30 responses to “A Great post from Beyond Grace

  1. David

    The thing that stuns me is the wording about “helpmates male and female”. When Mike called for a marriage ceremony on 07/07/07, and thousands of “lovers of God” betrothed themselves under Mike’s banner of Bridal allegiance, were these in essence those who were joining Mike as “helpmates” as the job was too big for him alone? Does his IHOP preaching about God’s “need” for worldwide prayer houses of “lovers” calling out to him wooing Jesus back – are these Mike’s helpmates that he needs?? The prophecy reads like something out of the Book of the Mormon. Honestly, the phrasing, the lifting of scripture(KJV at that) and the subtle wrapping of biblical “jargon” around sensational claims .. it sounds like the same jive Joseph Smith came up with.

  2. Any one but me go looking for the “testimony of Jesus” in the prophecy, and not find it? “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Rev. 19:10. No mention of the cross, etc. None.

    So glad you did this, Bill.

  3. The above comment was in reference to my reading the Blueprint Prophecy, not the portions that Bill discussed.

  4. David,

    I would give Bickle the benefit of the doubt and perhaps say that those “betrothed” are Jesus’ helpmates, standing along site with Bickle as co-helpmates.

    I don’t think it has ever been Bickle’s intention to have male and female mates. So we can gather how Bickle would understand this passage, but the better question is what did God mean by it?

    What is interesting about this passage and the translation is that the original writings are only 26 years old. Would God have used that archaic language – thus causing confusion – in 1984? Or did God not think about the possibility of confusion. Or was this document birthed out of the imagination of man? That is the real question.

  5. David

    What I meant was – why does Mike preach that God NEEDS a cooing calling lovesick Bride in order for Jesus to return. Why the noti0n that “laid down lovers” must be established in union on every nation in the form of prayer houses. According to Mike’s doctrine, in order for Christ to return to earth, he needs “helpmates” in prayer houses doing the bridegroom fast worshiping praying and pining away in angst on a multi-national level, a quantitive measure, with every nation having a house of dominion where prayers rule the airwaves.
    After reading portions of this prophecy my mind goes back to Mike performing “marriage vows” for thousands of spiritually hungry attendees.. and I was wondering what subconscious effect such prophetic words “helpmates male and female” have had on some of Mike’s customs such as wedding vows to Mike’s version of Jesus – the lovesick, unbridled romantic hormone charged one.

  6. observant

    I can see it now…100 years from now there will be a “Visitors Center” in Grandview where romanticized paintings of Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, and Paul Cain receiving prophecy will hang in the perfectly restored IHOP that is surrounded by immaculately manicured gardens.

  7. Well I had time today to complete a more comprehensive comparison – a side-by-side view as seen in the small excerpt comparisons. Also copies of 2002, 2006 and 2009 versions for reference. Its a pdf here:


    Also the article has been updated to include info on the 2002 version which I now have on hand.

    Interesting to note that sometime between 2002 and 2009 Paul Cain ceased to be a comfirming prophetic voice to this keystone word.

  8. Matt

    I was thinking about all this the other day and something kind of dawned upon me. It’s just a “theory” at this point, so I would like to get some feedback to make sure I have my facts straight. If you have additional information, please correct me.

    So we know that there were a few characters involved early on with Mike who brought about the “Kansas City Prophets.” Paul Cain and Bob Jones were both talked about extensively, but Julie (author of “Julie’s Story”) mentions that Augustine Acolla predated them both (see the first installment of “Julie’s Story”). Because of IHOP’s historical revisionism and the fact that Augustine was a closet homosexual who was exposed pretty early on, he is no longer a part of the “official history.”

    I would think anyway that if the blueprint document were authored by Bob Jones, Mike would have talked about it or Bob would have stated so. Mike credits Paul Cain enough that I think if he were the author, it would be known. However, I this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    By simple deduction, one has to whether Augustine was the author.

    Does anyone have any idea and/or information on early KCF or about Mr. Acolla that would help prove and or/dis-prove the theory. I tried googling his name and the only relevant result is Julie’s article. The pastor at the Church we once attended hosted him a number of times before my time and spoke highly of him, but I don’t know too many facts about him.

  9. Augustine was becoming less prominent by 1986. I have a very fuzzy memory of this “blueprint” prophecy being talked about. It was clearly someone unknown in 1984, and Augustine was still in the limelight at that time.

    If he is the unknown prophet, then there is a whole new level of deceipt to deal with.

    We were maxing out the office building where we were meeting in by 1985. Augustine was credited with prophecying the take over of the Evangel Temple facility to meet this growth issue. If I’m not mistaken, this was the false prophecy used to publicly dismiss him, all the while the leadership was aware of his homosexual issue. This fact was never made public. It was rumored, but never exposed from the pulpit.

  10. Matt

    So did Mike publicly denounce him then?

    If I recall correctly, Augustine was involved with the two Churches my pastor was at from about the mid 80s to early 90s. Sorting through the tape archives, I remember seeing some tapes from 91 or 92 with his name on it. I also believe our pastor said that he was based out of some Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    I’m curious to know who this “mystery prophet” was and why the most important document in the entire history of IHOP has never been fully released or credited to anyone.

  11. I think that Bickle still talks about him in the current version of the IHOP prophetic history, most notably that he didn’t want people to touch him on the head and mess his hair up. I think that is in session 8. Or maybe that was inthe older 12 part encoutering jesus series. I need to listen to both again, looks like if you drop a lot of Cain out, you can shorten the series by 3 hours

    12 pt


    9 pt (2009)


    Some have theorized that Augustine was the mystery prophet, but that makes no sense on the context of any of the teachings, especially since Augustine and the Lady in the Red Dress were instrumental in confirming the prophecy.

    Augustine gets a lot of coverage in “Some said it Thundered.”

  12. Augustine was publicly dismissed/disassociated.

  13. And Beyond Grace, I have a stack of cd’s three inches thick of rather current Mike Bickle teachings that I just can’t bring myself to listen to. Bless you, brother, for giving the histories your time and attention. I don’t think I could do it.

  14. Cheaperdozen,

    OK, Let’s see Bob Jones was disciplined for having women stand before him naked while he prophesied. Cain, apparently was having young men over to Shiloh for personal “retreats,” although he has been “celibate” all his life. Augustine had similar issues.

    Perhaps the book should be re-titled “Some said they blundered?”

    -Bill F.

  15. Matt

    Thanks for the clarification

  16. More memories:

    Back in the 80’s, Mike Bickle helped gloss over the sin that people from past revivals engaged in, those who were operating at “high levels of anointing”, by indicating that they were under incredible attack. Therefore, we needed to uphold the current, and upcoming prophets in prayer so that they wouldn’t succumb.

    So, if they aren’t held up in prayer, by the congregation, does that make it the congregation’s fault that they sinned?

    I just remembered that today. They cover all their bases, don’t they? Well, they try anyway.

  17. David

    Eve was Adam’s helpmeet. Once she ate the bad fruit, her gift of help to Adam became used in error. She was functioning in her gifting but functioning out of touch from Truth, so she helped Adam to disobey as well. The gift of prophecy once tainted by bad fruit is likewise damaging and perverse, I know I have had to repent of this very thing. When our roles become the deciding factor in what we do or needs real or otherwise, and not obedience to God absolutely – we fall into deception and error.

  18. Julie,

    I too was in an atmosphere of faux spiritual warfare where we constantly had to hold up the leadership as they were the ones who would be “under attack.” I think it made the leadership even more narcissistic than they were, and so was actually counter-productive.

    The pastor could not even visit a sunday-school class with out the class plans being ditched, and instead we huddled around the pastor (in the “hot seat”) and “made warfare.”

    The end result of this pastor who recieved so much attention in this sensual environment was that he became unreceptrive to the truth (any discussion was seen as divisive, and a demonic attack on him), leading him into a deadly spirial of needing even more and more attention.

    Like Bentley, a certain young woman began to personally fill that need for attention in that pastor’s life. And like Bentley, when it was discovered, he left his wife and married his new girlfriend.

    We are setting our leaders up for a fall with the amount of adoration and attention that we heap on them in a sensually-charged atmosphere. And I’d suggest that C. Peter Wagner with his spiritual warfare teachings and Jack Hayford, with his “firey darts” movie (the finger of God) have been most detrimental in moving the Charismatics to this point.

    I’m in a solid old-school pentecostal church now and I am happy to report that it IS POSSIBLE, in a spirit-filled church, to not have the misguided need for attention heaped on the pastor. And oddly enough, he works twice as hard as any pastor I’ve ever met and yet never seems to complain or suffer from burnout.

    Amazing what happens when the church functions as scriptures prescribe.

    I’m tired of leaders suggesting that the reason they can’t keep thier zippers zipped is because of demonic attack and lack of pray holding their self-important selves up. The rest of us obviously never face such temptations, and if we do are simply expected to deal with it as per the scriptures and that nasty little “o-word.”

    Obedience. It’s better than sacrifice.


  19. E

    Do you have a copy of Bickle’s 1983 tape, “Blow the Trumpet in Zion”?

    We were at South Kansas City Fellowship from the beginning, when it opened in Fox Hills Office Park in Shawnee Mission, KS. We left after a few months when the fasting/prayer period got kind of weird, IMO, but visited off and on over the years, including after they moved to Grandview. We were aroung during the KC Prophets deal and the Ernie Gruen accusations (we used to go to a Full Faith Church of Love church, too), and attended the John Wimber – Mike Bickle cross-pollination convention at Municipal Auditorium (?) in downtown KCMO, and were there when Wimber took charge over Bickle’s discipline and the church became Metro Vineyard Fellowship (we were in a Vineyard church at the time, and as soon as Bickle was brought into the Vineyard, our pastor and church left the Vineyard).

    It seems like it was all a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

    Yet after reading this and Julie’s story, it appears that the French saying is true: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    IHOP has a large presence in Israel, with a 24/7 prayer meeting in a building in Jerusalem and Messianic ministries tied in with them, apparently because Bickle a few years ago or so solidly allied himself with Israel.

  20. E,

    If this is the tape of the April 1983 prophetic vision / pronouncement at South Kansas City Fellowship, I would very much like a copy for my archives. You can email it to me at fawcetwd at gmail dot com or if you have it on cassette and would like it dubbed over to mp3, I can assist with that as well. I would also be pleased to post it on my server for others to access, if that suits.

    -Bill Fawcett

  21. I remember this teaching like it was yesterday.

  22. E


    That’s the tape. I have Ernie Gruen’s “Do We Keep Smiling and Say Nothing?” on mp3, and I was planning on doing the same with “Blow the Trumpet in Zion.” I’ll email you re: the Bickle message so you can remind me if you don’t hear from me shortly re: my conversion to mp3.

  23. E

    Okay, all done and sent to you. Enjoy!

  24. Headless Unicorn Guy

    Somebody else trying to displace Tatted Todd & Tokin-the-Ghost Crowder at the top of the Crazy Preacher List?

  25. Lisa

    I am looking for that MP3 from Ernie Gruen, too! I have searched the Internet over and can’t find it anywhere – is there any way I can get a copy emailed to me?


  26. Tim H

    I have it and I believe you might find it at the Beyond Grace site as well. If not he has an e-mail contact there and he has the recording. I can post this tonight if you don’t find it…

  27. Always Research A Matter!

    “Time to show us your cards”, is that Tarot Cards? Hate to tell you, having growing up AOG unfortunately (“assassins of god=assemblies giving you their god”). Light bulb went on one day that hey, isn’t what we’re doing like Mormonism? All these works, good works, enslavement for someone else and all their hidden perversions? Not sure as People why we don’t question who started them, their foundations, why Bible isn’t going forth like rivers of living water, question where the money goes, what own worth, businesses own, land, real estate, etc. That were sitting under a type of King Saul and look how all that played out. Having a man telling you when to fast rather than God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. That we don’t think to search the Pastor’s early years, foundational issues. So-called Christian College, famous founder was Mormon. Thinking of Toxic Families by Forward. Anyone written a book on Toxic Churches and Pastors? Ron Enroth wrote “Churches That Abuse”.

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