Never give up .

If there is one thing I have learned in my life with Jesus it is this . Never , never , never give up . Don’t panic , keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times , and don’t you dare close your eyes . W I have walked through loneliness , times of plenty , and experienced times of need . Through it all I have become convinced of this one truth . He will never leave us or forsake us . Christians are the only people on the earth who have the true ability to face whatever the world or the devil throws at them with absolute fearlessness . I say we dishonor the one we say we trust when we shrink back in fear or give in to despair over the sufferings of our lives . We need only look to the cross and find strength in our risen Lord . He set His face like flint towards Jerusalem for one reason . To die as a sacrifice in our place . He went into the garden that night sweating blood sorrowful unto death . He went to the garden for one last interlude with His Father , one last moment of communion , and instead of finding Heaven open before Him it was Hell that appeared . He staggered and fell to the ground as the foretaste of our burden and the great price He was to pay became palatable to His soul . The wages of sin is death and He is about to drink it’s cup to the very bottom . “Oh Father if there is any other way… Not my will but yours . ” He stands and again sets His face like flint to do the will of His Father . He stood alone , His disciples were asleep all hell bearing in on Him as He prepares to bear the wrath of God in our place Ah what a Savior ! How mighty in battle when they come for Him He lays down His life . No one took it from Him He laid it down . Look , look , look He bears the rejection of Men and God in our place . Do you see it . This is how the Almighty goes forth to battle , This is how my Jesus rolls . He hangs naked and mocked utterly alone and forsaken in excruciating pain , but the pain is nothing compared to the anguish of His soul as the curse of separation from God falls . My God , My God , why have you forsaken me ! The answer is quite simple really . He was forsaken so that you and I would never have to be . Now here is the real kicker as far as I am concerned . This was his plan all along . He came to do the will of His Father . He was sent by the Father to Die for our rebellion . To under take the greatest rescue mission of all time . The eternal Son of God clothed in weakness wrapped in frail humanity came to earth at the command of His Father . He bore Death and Wrath in our place at the command of the Father . What could God possibly ask of us that would be too much to offer to Him ? What situation could He possibly put us in that would be too much to bear in light of all He bore for us . Oh please church don’t forget that He is making us into the image of His Son. We will be like Him . If we are desirous to be like Him in joy , then we must be prepared to be like Him in suffering . we must expect to be growing in likeness to Him in His absolute trust in His Father . We must anticipate to be made more and more like Him in His Fearless loyalty to do the will of the One He loves .

Do you ever feel forsaken ?
Do you ever feel like your circumstance proves God doesn’t care ?
Do you ever fear that He will leave you holding the bag in the end ?

Then to the CROSS you must flee , He was forsaken , you never will be. His circumstance proves that God so loves the world with a passionate sacrificial love that is unfathomable . He was the one who was left to hold the bag or foot the bill if you like . He did it willingly for the joy set before Him , The Joy of bringing us home to the praise of His glory in grace forever and ever .

He will never relent , never give up , never throw you away , He will complete what He started and none can stay His hand .

Never , Never , Never give up . He sure as Heaven won’t.



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4 responses to “Never give up .

  1. Wendy C.

    Thanks for the words that gave me a lift today.

  2. Diane S.

    Thank you; we all need to be reminded of this truth!

  3. Thanks! We who spend a lot of time dumpster diving, in search of truth, need encouragement as well.
    Keep on keeping on.

  4. Lily

    This is beautiful because it is so true!

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