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OT Prophecy…What Does it Mean in the NT?

Awww….yeah.  Starting a series on biblical prophecy…the prophecy that counts ya’ll.

How we interpret OT prophecy, and more specifically, how OT prophecy is interpreted in the NT, flavors our entire outlook concerning contemporary Christian goals and future Christian realities.   A redemptive history gains momentum as Scripture progresses toward consumation of creation in the new heavens and new earth.  This movement is catalyzed by God through his son Jesus Christ.  I submit, that if we hold this focus when reading prophetic literature we will avoid distraction and ‘bogging down’.  We will be comforted by the greater redemptive historical context of the Bible as opposed to our own ability to read contemporary signs which affirm prophetic prediction.  Although some prophecy is clearly predictive, the weight of it is pedagogical.  The OT prophets quoted each other.  Jesus quoted the OT prophets.  The NT writers quoted the OT prophets.  The majority of Revelation correlates with passages in Ezekiel, Daniel, and Zechariah.  We will examine certain key passages in the gospels, epistles, and apocalyptic literature of the NT which directly quote the OT.

A question:  Do you believe that OT prophecy finds fulfillment in specific current events of our time…such as hurricane Katrina, global warming, political leadership, etc.??






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