Is There Anything Comparable?

Well, now that Perry is out of the race I guess it’s time to at least update the front page post. For awhile now we’ve been EXTREMELY sporadic about interacting with this blog. What I am wondering is…does a blog now exist which is comparable to either ‘The Sign of Jonah’ or ‘The Greycoats’ when either was up and running full tilt. Is there a blog/site which is regularly exposing, tackling, and generally harassing the prophetic pretenders and other neo-Montanist types of our fair land. I await your replies…




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6 responses to “Is There Anything Comparable?

  1. Joshua Katz

  2. mbaker

    As a former regular commenter on this site, I have to ask myself as to why those on the blogroll being recommended by this site aren’t being considered? The Sign of Jonah, was great in its day but after they closed it down, and made it completely inaccessable, therefore rendering it no longer relevant, I wonder why the question in the first place.

  3. mbaker

    A. P.S . I’m not trying to be contrary, and sure don’t want to leave that impression, but just saying that SOJ is no longer available as a fair basis of comparison, as were other websites who were excellent in that same genre. I don’t recommend one current website over the other at present, but think instead, in order to get a theologically balanced perspective, we should read widely, but with a great deal of discernment, and not just depend upon one or two for all our information.

  4. Nathaniel

    Yes mbaker…sure. But you know what I mean.

  5. jarrod

    I would say Bills site Beyond Grace is comparable and even superior to ours in content. Since we lost most of ours. Even so Bill runs an outstanding blog on these topics.

  6. NotForProfitProphet

    Well, it’s not a blog…

    But Andrew Strom has been pretty outspoken in his criticism of all this stuff.

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