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The IHOP Blueprint Prophecy: Is It Up To Code?

After learning of the blueprint prophecy I debated internally upon its implications and decided to examine it for our readership. Perhaps many of you are already familiar with this document. I’ve reprinted it in full at the end of this article, just as I’ve received it, complete with links to With that said, let the legend begin.
Once upon a time a voice came and spoke to a man. The man accepted that voice as God’s. He was so convinced that this message was delivered via divine transmission that he tape-recorded it and hopped in his car (I want the vehicle to be a truck and the man to be a farmer, it just makes a better story—more archetypal, but…). With precious cargo in hand our sojourner drove a vast distance to the dwelling place of a famous prophet where he believed the message would be received and applied. As fate would have it the chief prophet had already garnered word of this message’s existence and content. The mysterious declaration (after some editing by Mike Bickle—the ‘architect’ of the blueprint prophecy) eventually became one of the doctrinal pillars of the Neo-Montanist outpost which is known as IHOP. In this way the ‘blueprint prophecy’ came to be included in the canon of the Neo-Montanist writings, alongside ‘The Final Quest’, ‘The Greys vs. the Blues’, among others.
Well. Quite a story. It almost could be biblical. However, is it? The history behind the blueprint prophecy reads more like a modern-day urban legend. This is to be expected. Post-Modern youth long for a supernatural, mystical, spiritualistic something to break the boredom of status quo existence and transport them into transcendence. The longing to be a part of a grand saga is (un)fortunately hardwired into the soul of humankind.
Sadly, humans often look outside of reality for the sweeping adventure they so desperately need for fulfillment. Post-Modernism itself is mostly a denial of reality. While rationalism is not sacred it does offer a more solid basis for knowing, discerning, and evaluating information. If experiential fiction can be relied upon as an authentic standard for truth claims then there is simply no basis for comparison. No individual experience may be evaluated by any other standard than that of the ‘experiencer’s’ own disposition. Bear with me, I will return to the blueprint prophecy. However, the epistemology (how they know what they know) of the Neo-Montanist movement is readily seen in this document. I simply cannot pass up an opportunity to expose it.
With that said, and working from this foundation, it is easy to see that the blueprint prophecy is not biblical in the truest sense. It is biblical in the sense that it cites biblical quotations as support for its message, however, The Watchtower (a Jehovah’s Witness key publication) does just as much. In the weeks to come I plan to address this document systematically…proving that it is elitist, extra-biblical, sub-apocryphal, and that a foundation built to these specs might appear structurally sound when that is hardly the case. To be continued…

(edited) March 26, 1984
Friends of the Bridegroom
God shall confirm in your spirit; and do not proceed until He does. Upon the
confirmation you should begin to act immediately to take the bride to the city; to
the city of Kansas City, rather than having the city come to Him.
Therefore there should be another…on the north side and on the east side and on
the west side, even as it is on the south side. Therefore there shall be four…. I
have shown you My grace. My grace is sufficient. My grace is Me in you and in
this shall be the 5-fold ministry.
In days past, I have said…You are a Garden Center…of My choice says the Lord.
In My Garden Center…I shall raise up…plants of renown… it shall be known, and
the ways shall be renown. I will bring and place…those that will be the caretakers
of My (Garden Center…). You shall be a dresser of My vineyard, says the Lord,
and the vineyard shall be these people that I shall bring unto you and out of you.
Even out of the loins of the blood line of the flesh of Abraham–even as I said
there would be many seeds and many nations, kindred, and tongues… I shall
raise up and there shall flow forth many sons and daughters. They shall be known
and renowned. Even as the children of the renowned – shall they be. These
children shall flow out of…My Spirit. They shall be spiritual children and they
shall inhabit the uttermost parts of the earth. They shall inhabit the place that I
have called for you to settle and to raise up other ministries and to send out.
You shall set in order…as I call the signals—you shall only be acting as I send in
the signals to you. As I give you the word of My messengers, you shall hear and it
shall be confirmed as a truth in your heart and you shall act upon it.
Upon the acting of this, I will place within you and within your hands the 5-fold
ministry. The ministry shall flow and rotate…You shall set in as I will call and
place in your hands to anoint with the Holy Oil – the significance of My acceptance
of those whom I shall confirm by My Holy Spirit….that I would…prepare for Me
a bride in this area. The people shall flow then into the tabernacles of habitation.
They shall flow from the North, the East, the South and the West. They shall come
and they shall be dandled by their sides… You shall be ministers of light and
ministers of truth of Me, says the Lord. Even this shall be a people that shall be
known of Me and I shall be their God and they shall be My people. Their
responsibility lies within Me and their safety lies within drawing close together.
Yes, I would have them draw real close together. I say unto you again, that their
Friends of the Bridegroom
safety lies in drawing real close together. There shall be unity of the Spirit and of
the doctrine. Your doctrine shall be My doctrine – byMy Spirit.
I will prepare a place for My people. You shall go forth and lead My people to a
place of habitation. I will show you and I will guide you. I will be your purse
bearer. I will hand the checks and the money as the time is prepared for this.
There shall be a time and a season and a place for My people to go. Even as I shall
call them forth before the cities become desolate. You shall raise up…other
cities that shall be the permanent place. There shall be schools of ministry. They
shall flow out of the city into the country–into the country, into the City of
Habitation; says the Lord.
This load shall be too heavy for you. You shall not be able to bear the burden
alone. I shall raise up helpmates, yes, even many help-mates both male and
female. I will set them and call them to stand by your side. You shall go forth and
lead a people even as Moses led a people and there shall be those that shall lift up
your hands. You shall consecrate this people…and assign and delegate. I would
have you to delegate the authority, duty, and responsibility, because you cannot
carry this load yourself. The burden is too heavy and the journey is too far.
I will send wise men even as I sent wise men to behold My Son’s birth, so shall I
send wise men to teach you, help you, guide, you and to be a strength and a source
of supply to you. I shall be your purse bearer. I shall raise up ministers of
finance in this area. To those that will hear My voice, yield, become obedient and
truly do as My word says by setting the Kingdom first in their heart – I shall bless
them. I shall cause them to prosper and they will be prospering because it is. They
will remember and know that of a truth that it is their Lord and their God that
gives them power to get wealth (Deut. 8:18). They shall prosper when there is
no prosperity and bear fruit when others are barren. Your land and your habitation
shall be a place of a forerunner – you shall go before hand. Even as I sent Joseph
before hand, so shall you go before….you shall send forth the Joseph out of My
bride and My congregation to prepare–even to make ready a time and a place that I
shall choose, it shall be of My choosing and of My calling, says the Lord.
I shall visit you. There shall be many that shall raise up out of you and you shall be
known in your ministries. From out of you, shall come forth the 5-fold ministry.
This ministry shall be known and established…I shall move quickly. I will do a
Friends of the Bridegroom
quick work in teaching and in bringing up these people that must be brought up.
Yes, this must be a “do-work,” and a new work. As I open My hand–even out of
the clouds, even as I have shown you and I shall show you that – as My hand opens
and pulsates so shall the children grow mightily and quickly.
I shall bring them up, teach them and lead them by the right way that they might go
and prepare a City for Habitation – they will plant their vineyards and sow their
fields. Their cattle shall give their increase, says the Lord. For even as I have sent
My messengers and many have heard the voice…I have, shot the arrow of My
deliverance for My people. The arrow is the flaming arrow of My deliverance of
My gospel and of My power.
The Out-Pouring of the Latter Rain shall be released in this area and upon this city.
It shall be noised abroad even world-wide. They will stand in awe and will return
unto the Holy reverence of My Name and of My people. They shall flourish. The
way of My teachings shall be by My Spirit and MyWord. I will do a new thing.
I will visit them in the night season with dreams and visions as I have said in My
Word. I will even send My angels. I will take people in the Spirit and catch
them away in the Spirit…it shall be by Me and I shall teach them in new ways.
My Word shall not return unto me void but that thing which I have said is absolute,
My Word is absolute. My Word is sovereign. My Word is established. My Word
shall be. If there be those that are stubborn, rebellious and obstinate, I shall
remove the Royal Diadem and the Crown of Glory and I shall give it to another,
says the Lord. This is the day of My visitation unto you. I shall call the recording
angels of Heaven and earth to record to you, this day that it is sealed upon you and
it cannot be removed, in Jesus’ mighty name.
For you shall not build unto Me or unto yourself buildings of places to in-gather.
You shall continue with the plan as I have given you in the beginning. For it is My
plan. It shall be by My design, and shall not be by groping as in the dark – for My
people that have been sitting in the valley and shadow of darkness have seen the
Even as Paul had seen the light, but his fellow-laborers saw not the light, but he
became the reflection of that light even as John bore witness of that light. For it is
Friends of the Bridegroom
given unto you, to know and to see the Just One (Acts 22:12-14). For I have many
people that must yet come to the light. My light is understanding.
For out of the center of the Hub – it shall grow forth from the House of Prayer.
For I have said My House shall be called a “House of Prayer”. For this is of Me.
The fifth shall be My grace. For out of My grace shall flow forth grace and favor
to all that are willing and obedient. For have I not said the first shall be last and
the last shall be first. Thus it shall be as the fifth place of ministry is to be readied-
-then it shall be built by My design.
For into this place shall flow the outreach ministries and from these in-gathering
meetings shall flow the fullness of Christ…the workings of the fullness of the gifts
of the Holy Ghost. For when you have the nine gifts come together, then shall be
fulfilled the scripture, “these works and even greater works shall you do.”
There are the many that shall be raised up at the appointed time for the world to
see. This is a part of the ministry of the End-Time Church. For even as I have
called John to make ready a people for the Lord, even so this will…bear the
forerunner spirit that was upon John. This shall be a spirit of preparation and of
preparedness, for this is the separation work. For I have called for My people to
come out and be separate–even unto Me. For I will not have a piece of a people:
but it shall be all or none. For, I place in your hands the final decision and you
shall go forth by faith. Faith is by My grace and in My grace is My tolerance and
contingency for flesh.
For the government shall be by the voice of twelve. For disciples shall be sent
out… They shall go as servants into the out-of-the-way places to compel them to
come in to My House that it may be full. For this shall move to the outer borders
of the city for the final phases of the building of My “House of Prayer



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