Where are we?

By Nathaniel

A good question. Many of you are asking or have asked this. I can honestly say that I am not a youth pastor at a PCA church anymore. Now I am a college professor teaching at my alma mater. At the moment I have absolutely no desire to enter “professional ministry”…paychecks=compromise (for me). My friend Jarrod is working on planting a church in Bolivar, Missouri. Devin is growing a family and still chillin’ like an Ashevillian. As far as our relationship to this blog goes we’re mostly retired. I speak for myself when I say it is difficult to carve out the time to do this thing well…the cost/return ratio is on the low end now that my family has grown and time is at a premium. Also, I just have a hard time getting fired up about this stuff anymore. I have become cynical in regard to “The prophetic movement” and all of its offshoots. When I run into someone (pretty infrequently nowadays) who starts spouting the usual taglines I generally am wondering if they’re moments away from foaming at the mouth in order to prove a spiritual point. I smile, wave, and back away. Just like this….


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13 responses to “Where are we?

  1. At some point, you just have to move on and live your life. That being true, I’ll be in Asheville in a few months for a visit, would sure like to meet you in person. It’s interesting, outside the institutional church, how under the radar all this stuff becomes.

  2. do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything. Hold on to the good. Avoid every kind of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:20-22

  3. IWTT

    Understand your stance completely. While I still look at a few blogs and respond on about 2 or 3 of them I have been a part of a forum (sharing administration status) where the bible studies are excellent and thought provoking, the discussion are done in the most respective way than most other sites I read and we are as close a group as one can get on the net. We pray for one another, confess to one another in hard times, and can be humorus with one another.

    All coming from the far corners of the earth. It’s a great group….

    Be blessing to you are your family

  4. Jarrod Taylor

    I am planting a church in Bolivar Missouri. I miss ya Nat. I am glad you guys are doing well. IWTT You are good people. God bless

  5. IWTT


    I WROTE, “Be blessing to you are your family”

    Huh? What did I say?” Nice grammer, almost as bad as Yoda!

  6. Jarod,
    I don’t know if we’re doing well but we are doing.

  7. One day I’d still love to sit in the same room and chat. I learned a lot from you dudes. Didn’t agree with you… Almost never, but learned a lot. And genuinely liked you guys a ton.

    Cool that Jarrod is church planting in rural Missouri!

    Haven’t updated you dudes in a while, but Im now pastoring a church in Upstate New York, Rochester area. The church is New Hope Fellowship.

    If your ever in the area look me up.

    Much love

  8. John Weaver

    Dear Nathaniel,
    I am a professor at SUNY Binghamton who’s trying to trace the history of the Kansas City Prophets and their relationship to NAR politics. I was hoping you guys might have some links to the old really extremist sermons that Bickle, Cain, and Jones made in the 80’s. Also, is there any way you can let me know how to contact Gruen’s son or grandson, just so I can include their formal confirmation of Gruen’s denial of having ever rejected his original testimony (which, I, like you, think is total junk). Anyway, let me know if you can. If you’re interested in my background, I’m the author of Evangelicals and the Arts in Fiction from McFarland Press. Thanks.


  9. hey John this is not Nat , but i still check this site from time to time. let me see what i can find for you if you are still interested.

  10. John Weaver

    jarrod, I still am interested.

  11. Josh

    Is this website still active? Could you tell me a bit about yourselves/the website?

  12. Always Research A Matter

    Josh: noticed your question!
    Just Google: abused by, Name of Church/pastor.
    Controversial articles, name of church and or pastor
    People’s negative feedback, name of church and or pastor
    Scandals, name of church and or pastor and that would apply to anyone in prophetic Movement or any church/pastor. Read over 120 hours of sites of horrific reads on Bickle and Group, very sad about abuses and not shut down or
    Jeremiah Candler’s death and Bethany Deaton (Murder/Suicide).
    Josh, who are you and wondering if defending the cult of Bickle’s Regime (Dynasty) and getting post removed and in brainwashed regime and defending the lie?

    Nathaniel: yes, it does take too much time and effort and RECOVERY. bethcavete.wordpress.com, coming out alive article was excellent and yes it’s for our very lives. How look at it now having left an evil regime like Bickle’s and wasted time and life it’s so dark, negative and downright satanic when think about the big picture. Not to mention false church and evil leaders aren’t paying my bills and don’t care whether I live or die and or have food on the table as they live comfortable off people’s time, money, retirement. I go for a drive and see God’s creation on Sunday and fellowship with whomever meet on whatever path/trail hike or restaurant to fellowship; It’s so healing and freeing. No garbage, or backlash of all the witchcraft in the false churches that are nothing about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, Prayer, Repentance, Holiness, Humility, Truth, Etc. don’t miss gossip, guilt, condemnation, criticism, abuse and politics and getting my time, brains and money sucked out? In Plain Site gal figured it out also, what a true church should look like not building man’s kingdom. Leonard Ravenhill and Arthur Katz written works that got me out of the abyss of false church and David Wilkerson’s Sermons (just google perilous times are coming). Really appreciated Battle Hymn by Scura/Phillips and David Kupelian Reads, Pagan Christianity (green cover) by Frank Viola, Tale of Three Kings by Gene Edwards, Toxic Faith by Arterburn, Cages of Pain by Aeschliman, Losing My Religion by Wm Lobdell and Video. So, many great teachers writing books. Then, Bible; we were to judge fruit. Dan Merchant’s “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers”. Most life changing message was “wounded and betrayed believers are useful to God”, by Graham Cooke, used to know it as the Life of Joseph Message. I do NOT follow man anymore (wolves, hirelings, false shepherds), best to keep eyes in Jesus and sing that song (“keep your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strongly dim in the light of his glory and grace”). Revival in Belfast Robin Mark CD great to get out of any defunct state or Come Heal Our Land.

  13. Josh

    Hey, so yeah, my name isn’t really Josh, I posted this about a year ago cause I was stalking someone on this thread. But from your comment it sounds like this is a forum for Christians who don’t like the church? I tried typing my church in followed by the word “scandals” and nothing came up. It’s not really relevant anymore that I find out what this site is about, but I’ll probably check back in a year to see if you’ve responded to this or not! #Trump

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