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The Politics of Pentecostalism

Well hello all.  Nathaniel here again after…..well….let’s say awhile.  What has prodded me out of my blogging cryochamber you might ask?? Simply this concern…the NAR is flexing its political muscle.  Rick Perry, Texas GOP governor, is an early favorite for the Republican nomination.  He doesn’t mince words when taking a strong stance against illegal immigration and a swelling bait and switch Social Security problem.  However, where does his theology actually sit?  This is not as clear…especially when he links arms with self-proclaimed NAR apostles, Don Finto, Lou Engle, and of course Mike Bickle.  Do we want rabid Zionism in the form of apostolic pre-millenialism at work…not in fringe church expressions, but through the bulging bicep of the U.S. presidency?  Check out Finto  (the old bald white guy with the beard) at a recent Perry prayer rally named “The Response” (note: the official website for “The Response” has been wiped from the internet):

 Here’s Finto with Bickle and Engle getting their crazy on in Jerusalem:

Here is an amazing resource which links and exposes the NAR and their political links to Palin, Perry, and many others:



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