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Calling all ex charismaniacs !!!

As I said in my last post Ihave been kinda lurking behind the scenes of this blog for a while not really wanting to engage just from sheer exhaustion and a large dose of discouragement at the enormous amount of content that one has to cover justto stay up on things. This “prophetic movement is so slick and moves so quickly it seems like everyday there is a new thing (pun intended) to hear a new promise of breakthrough to wait for, a new impartation to recieve. I just can’t keep up with the darn thing. So I was thinking maybe I don’t have to. Maybe I could ask for a little help. So hear is what I want… I want your stories, your testimonies, your experiences , but I don’t want them all raw and wriggling. What I mean by that is I want to hear your stories , but I don’t want to turn my Blog into a slander mill , I am asking that you give me just the facts and that they can be verified. No guessing at motives, no smarmy caulous remarks, Iwant you to express your hurt and disalusionment ,But in a healthy Christ centered way. This will help with the whole ” Hey you are just wounded and slandering Gods movement and touching His annointed” nonsense.  It is my desire to use these testimonies on this site to show folks who are strugglin with coming out of the woods that they are not alone and to confront these false men who would willingly or unwillingly decieve the brethren. So I hope to hear from you all…..  Please send stories to




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The Grey Coats challenge…

Here is my challenge to all our prophetic following brethren.

There are 3 books I want you to read.

1. Is Counterfeit Revival by Hank  Hanegraaff

2. Is the book of Jeremiah.

3. Is Charismatic Chaos by John MacArthur

This is not heavy reading in any way shape or form but over the years I have been surprised with just how much our critics don’t know about the roots of their movement or the Bible itself.

I am asking you folks to take the challenge. Many of you won’t, but all of you should.

If the prophetic movement is true then it should be able to hold up against a few sound arguments here and there. We have read the books your teachers have written, we have heard your arguments for quite a while. Now, I am asking you to do the same. Take the Challenge. You might just come to some new conclusions. You might . Ya never know.


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