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Emergent Leader Ravished by Ramadan

So Brian McLaren is celebrating Ramadan.  Not only that but he’s recruiting you (indirectly…..far be it from him to proselytize openly, that would be tantamount to spiritual violence) by preying on the white guilt which is common enough in today’s younger Evangelical circles. This is hardly a motivation for any kind of authentic Christian outreach.

According to the names of diversity, tolerance, multi-culturalism, and awareness a new banner ethic has arisen.  And, it is not a Christian one.  It is the propositional content found in the gospel of Christ which spans cultural-religious boundaries, rather than a nebulous sense of common cultural-religiosity being a bridge to the gospel of Christ.  There is a fine line between contexualization and compromise.  Unfortunately, the lines of pluralism become fuzzier when Christian leaders bash down the truth in the name of understanding.



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Video of the week

Well lets see if I even remember how to do this.

HA! Excellent. Anyway this is a video I found …well its more like an audio with some pictures but it will do. I have decided to take a good look at what folks call the emergent church. I figured Brian Mclaren would be a great place to start. Now it seems to me that this interview gives us a good glimpse into some of this man’s thoughts, not only on Hell but on the atonement itself.  The fact that no one in the scriptures speaks of Hell more frequently or vividly than Jesus Himself should bring some of Mr. Mclaren’s comments into question immediately. The idea that somehow the Kingdom of God is not brought to earth without violence is in my opinion errant, simply because there is nothing more violent than hanging naked from a tree that you have been nailed to, while bleeding to death from one of the several beatings you have received the hours before you were to be executed. The idea that Hell is somehow a doctrine of a God who resorts to violence if He can’t get His way ignores the biblical truth that God violently hates sin and is a just God. Now I personally think that Brian is smart enough to understand what repentance is.  Not to mention what unrepentant existence would mean in the face of a Holy God who offers one such expensive mercy. I’m just not so sure he could sell it as well.

Any thoughts?


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