What is a “Greycoat?”


What is a greycoat?  Is a greycoat simply a ticked off defector who refuses to see his own backwardness?  Is a greycoat someone who has been poisoned by septic wounds dealt to him by other Christians?  Is a greycoat simply possessed by a critical or judgmental spirit and in dire need of deliverance?  Is a greycoat one who is deceived by years of patterned doctrine, blinded through centuries of tradition enforcing religion?  Or, is a greycoat simply a bully looking to shake down some heretical milk-money?


Maybe not.

The founders of the greycoats believe in truth.  And, as Augustin said, “All truth is God’s truth”.  Although we were consoled at one time by Charismatic practice we began to perceive the truth of the gospel penetrating through our experiences.  Suddenly, our experiences weren’t so shiny anymore.  The truth of Christ—the God-man come in flesh, crucified for sinners, dead, buried, then risen again in bodily form—this truth beams forth the good news of “Peace on Earth”, “Good will toward men”.  We have seceded from groups who promise “Your best life now” by means of moving in signs and wonders, portals to heaven, open visions, pretend prophecy, and any number of quasi-spiritual diversions.

Spirituality may divert the sheep from the pure milk of the gospel.  After feeding off of radical Charismatic cuisine and then finding that it produces bleeding ulcers would it be a bitter motivation to warn others of such a fouled food source?  Hardly.  Neither is there any spirit we have received other than He who delivers power, love, and a sound mind.  We do not operate from a fear of what we don’t understand.  We understand the new mystics, neo-Montanists, and prophetic pretenders all too well.  We see that they have created various doctrines (no matter how loud they scream ‘God is bigger than doctrine’ or ‘You can’t put God in a box’) out of anti-traditionalist, experience centered, feelings which image personal concepts of Christianity.

We believe that this is a time in which there are many who will not endure sound doctrine.  Instead, these would deviate from the vanilla flavored plainness of the simple gospel for the rocky road of extra-biblical prophecy, angelic impartations, and a subtle brand of New Age/Christian syncretism.  Heresy hunters?  Hmmmmm….while a greycoat points his musket squarely between the eyes of heretical teaching, denouncing its promoters with verbiage just as strong as Jude and Paul; he knows the redeeming nature of His God.  He knows who he fights for and he knows why.  It’s not to win medals or gain promotions.  Truth lights up the darkness.   That indeed some might be saved, even plucked from the fiery peril of deadly doctrines.  Heresy is not the unforgivable sin—repentance happens and forgiveness is complete.  Many of us know this all too well after asking and being forgiven for participating in radical-Charismatic excess.

As mentioned before, we have seceded from an unhealthy and unsatisfying Union.  We are the greycoats—don’t be scared but do be prepared.  We are the greycoats—Reformed and Refreshing.  We are the greycoats—coming on and feeling strong.

We are the greycoats and we are looking for conscripts.


28 responses to “What is a “Greycoat?”

  1. believerx

    new here- but my ax is already sharpened- no grinding needed. but i am a student of scripture which always made people ticked off at me, because i do believe the word of God is truth.

    i was in kc under bickle in the 90’s and i swallowed the whores magic potion for about 3 years before i became disillusioned too.
    but what if….

    it isnt just charismania, or new age practices infiltrating the ranks of christianity? i would ask for you dissenters here to have the courage to indulge me for a moment. it isnt the leaves on the tree that are are the cause, it is the root.

    New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    Ecc. 1
        9That which has been is that which will be,
    That which has been is that which will be,
    That which has been is that which will be,
    That which has been is that which will be,
    That which has been is that which will be,

             And that which

    has been done

    is that which will be done.

             So there is nothing new under the sun.
        10Is there anything of which one might say,
             “See this, it is new”?
             Already it has existed for ages
             Which were before us.
        11There is
    no remembrance
    no remembrance
    no remembrance
    no remembrance
    no remembrance

    of earlier things;
             And also of the later things which will occur,
             There will be for them

    no remembrance
    no remembrance
    no remembrance
    no remembrance

             Among those who will come later still.
    will come later still.
    will come later still.
    will come later still.

    really ponder that phrase- no remembrance- because every generation thinks it has learned from history but…

    For about 1000 years the vile roman whore kept THE word of God from the masses, but now since we have a overabundance of bibles available to us that could no longer be possible, right??  I mean really, everyone has access to the Word of God, right?  Nope, sorry genius, God says what has been, is that which will be-

    and then He says this in Jer. 8:7-9
     7″Even the stork in the sky
             Knows her seasons;
             And the turtledove and the swift and the thrush
             Observe the time of their migration;
             But My people do not know
             The ordinance of the LORD.
        8″How can YOU say, ‘We are wise,
             And the law of the LORD is with us’?
    But behold, the lying pen of the scribes
             Has made it into a lie.
    But behold, the lying pen of the scribes
    Has made it into a lie.
    But behold, the lying pen of the scribes
    Has made it into a lie.
    But behold, the lying pen of the scribes
    Has made it But behold, the lying pen of the scribes
    Has made it into a lie.

        9″The wise men are put to shame,
             They are dismayed and caught;
             Behold, they have rejected the word of the LORD,
             And what kind of wisdom do they have?

    Again: That which has been…IS THAT WHICH WILL BE! 

    So logic dictates, that if the scribes( seminary trained EVIL bible translators of today ) make God’s word into a lie as it says, then it follows that people will be misled, yes? A lie’s only purpose is to deceive! and God ordained it-
    So they ( the scribes) can accomplish the same essential result that the roman catholic abomination brought about all the while making most people like you arrogantly think:

    “If I had been alive…. in the dark ages I would have! … fill in the blank”

    Well I have got a news flash for you Nicodemus,  you are in the dark ages, the truth of the scriptures is just as hidden from you as any miserable serf that attended mass, paid indulgences for his dead relatives in order to get them out of the flames of purgatory, and was unable to read Latin.  You are just in bondage to  a different set of myths!

    i have been writing online for 2 years now. but like elijah i have surveyed the land and tested to see if there is anyone that even has a clue into what constitutes what it means to be spiritual.

    Jesus made this emphatic statement
    “unless one is born from above he CANNOT SEE THE KINGDOM OF GOD. ”
    now this may seem to be simple enough on the surface but i can assure you it is not, there are at least 300 other verses scattered about within the pages of scripture that bring out the deep meaning of this verse. and the deep things of God are exactly that – DEEP!!!

    you must begin to realize the kingdom of God is like God in a very specific way. it is invisible. that means when Jesus says things like; you shall know them by their fruits, he prefaced that with the statement that the false prophets would be wolves
    it is the invisible inward manifestation that you cannot see unless you are born from above. catching people in their lies and hypocrisy is not discernment of an inward nature. oprah can do that, abc news has the ability to point a camera and expose fraud. you can practice a level of natural observation without any spiritual understanding whatsoever and reveal error. but now i see things i never saw 20 years ago as an avid bible studying christian.

    no what you are lacking is the internal ability of the mind of Christ which i have only been given in the last few years to understand the true nature of spiritual wickedness.
    i would like to test my audience, Jesus promised that he would reveal His mysteries of the Kingdom of God to only His disciples.
    now i have not found a single person that can accurately decipher even the simplest of His parables in the gospels. i have googled matt. 13;33 as a test case. and i am certain Christ has told me the meaning – it is so profoundly simple once the veil is removed, but i cannot find even 1 correct scriptural explanation online anywhere.
    is there a man here that knows what the shortest parable in the bible means-matt 13;33?
    i’ll bet there isnt anyone here. do your own search and come up with something.
    i picked matt 13;33 because it is the easiest parable to interpret- because it has only 5 elements -yet it is more complex than most people would guess. so give it a go.

    and if anyone would like to take a shot at something more challenging – since people are always talking about sound doctrine- i would like for some to explain what sound doctrine is. and why everyone in christianty holds different views yet still maintain “they” have sound doctrine. again i would be willing to bet you dont know what sound doctrine is either.

    b x

  2. Diane S.

    So are you saying that you have the deep, hidden knowledge that only a select few have as a gift from God? That your interpretation of obscure passages is the only correct one? If anyone disagrees with your interpretation of Matt. 13:33, they don’t have this special knowledge you do?That is Gnosticism, as well as arrogance.

  3. believerx

    well since you asked, yes i do! why is that so hard to accept? none of your wranglings or accusations come with one whit of scripture to back them. they are baseless. i am not arrogant because i know that i am right. just because i dont try to conceal my confidence with a thin slimy layer of whitewashed false humility, doesnt make me prideful.

    however Jesus said;
    luke 8

    10And He said, “To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is in parables,

    so that
    so that
    so that
    so that


    jesus said He would intentionally veil His truth and secret knowledge FROM THE MASSES – for the express purpose of hindering repentance.
    read every tested word in this next passage carefully – i so hate to do the repetitive tactic to get you to notice phrases.

    Matthew 13:14-16 (New American Standard Bible)

    14″In their case the prophecy of Isaiah is being fulfilled, which says,

    16″But blessed are your ( MY) eyes, because they see; and your (MY) ears, because they hear.

    now i did not pick an obscure parable i picked an easy one right out of the gospels- in red no less- it is uncomplicated do to its lacking an overabundance of words. every word of God is tested- pr . so you must look at all of them in order to determine the parables meaning.
    matt 13;33 is a kindergarten equation- like 2+2=4

    when you get into the parables in romans and hebrews and the book of revelation they are like quantum physics.

    i do however have deep hidden knowledge of many passages not just this one, faithful stewards are given a storehouse of treasure.
    btw. how many correct interpretations could there possibly be and what is sound doctrine if it isnt sound???
    are YOU saying there are multiple correct interpretations for matt 13;33? that MENTALITY is found only the swirling vortex of the babylonian whore’s confusion and error.
    diane s. hmmm…
    your last name wouldnt happen to be sawyer? because you seem to be the self appointed investigative journalist for this blog!

    try again

    b x

  4. Diane S.

    No, that is not my name, and I have never heard of you before, nor your blog.

    No, that is not my name, and I have never heard of you before, nor your blog.

    No, that is not my name, and I have never heard of you before, nor your blog.

    There IS nothing new under the sun, and unfortunately, you appear to be involved in just that.

  5. believerx

    well arent you just adorable? you must be the pride of your husband. you sound rather beautiful like most awesome christian women.

    i’d be willing to bet it just irks you to no end that the Lord doesnt counsel with you personally to get your advice on His selection process of those whom He chooses to place His approval upon.

    you know jez (and I use that term in a derogatory wya because I am an ass ) i would be careful if i were you. you are a woman and you have no scriptural standing to be disrespectful to me. i graciously offered to enlighten you with the truth which i do in fact possess. so dial down your blasphemous tone (I cant handle the chalenge of getting owned by a woman so I will call your tone blasphemous)and tell me how i sound similar to anyone else you have ever heard. you havent- they are not found anywhere.

    go ahead and revile- more wrath will be credited to your account.


    you could take this verse and apply to yourself

    james 1:19
    This you know, my beloved brethren But everyone must be
    quick to hear,

    slow to speak

    and slow to anger;

    20for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.

    21Therefore, putting aside all filthiness and all that remains of WICKEDNESS,

    in humility
    in humility
    in humility
    in humility

    receive the word implanted,

    which is able to save your souls.

    b x
    AKA the poor man AKA a really disrespectful bully

  6. heffalump

    Matthew 13:33?

    Piece of cake!

    (Or should I say loaf of bread?)

  7. believerx

    * sigh*

  8. TimH


    What is your real name? What are your REAL intentions here at this site?

  9. believerx

    my real name is as shrouded in mystery to you as your real name is shrouded in mystery to me. by what authority do you take it upon yourself to grill me and bring me into subjection to your lordship? – is this your blog? (No its my Blog and you will give your name troll or you wont post!)

    it is the pinnacle of rudeness to ask something of someone that you have not offered yourself first.
    can i google tim h and find anything substantive about you?

    my real intention if you must know, is to bring truth which is almost universally disdained by those that call themselves christians. it is an interesting new testament word -christian- were you aware that it is ONLY used 2 times in scripture?here in 1 peter 4;

    14If you are reviled

    for the name of Christ,

    you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.
     15Make sure that none of you suffers as a murderer, or thief, or evildoer, or a troublesome meddler;
     16but if anyone suffers as a Christian
    (christian as ONLY scripture defines christian- NOT WHAT MOST PEOPLE ERRONEOUSLY DEFINE AS CHRISTIAN ),

    he is not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God in this name.

    Christian is only used twice throughout the entire greek scriptures- here as an exhortation to endure mistreatment for bearing the NAME of CHRIST and as an insult from non-believers in Acts 11:26 – why is the term so prevalent now? “that man is a good “christian” – “Jesus wants christians to be blessed and happy!”
    It only has the connotation of reproach and suffering in the scriptures! Selah.
    i am a true christian in that regard,( even though i rarely refer to myself as a christian to avoid confusion) which i would be willing to bet you havent suffered much of anything for bearing the name of Christ!(you sir are an arrogant ass ,and by that I do not mean an animal with long ears and a tail , but a fellow with an assuming pride and folly about his mind.)

    sonny, why dont you go back and reread what i have already posted – maybe through repeated exposure the veil of fog will lift and you will be able to glean some benefit from my wisdom. (If you are wise then I quit life altogether . a fool is known for his many words. Get off my blog and do not come back. never ever insult women on this blog by calling them Jez nor condescend to men by calling them sonny. you can keep your wisdom I will take Christ’s over your pretentious boasting any day )

    b x

  10. heffalump

    ” b x” … or bs?

  11. jarrod

    Hey believer x
    you are officially GONE!!

    can I get a flushing sound from someone ?

  12. TimH


    I asked your name because the owners of this blog DID asked that we use our real names, in a previous post when this blog site was started. So I have that right to ask it just as they did of us.

  13. TimH

    “like all real apostles” ?

    small (a) or cap (A) postle in that title?

    You didn’t type the Cap A but I wonder if that is what you meant? Do you consider yourself as an Apostle with all the rights and authority of the 12 original Apostles?

  14. TimH

    When I talk about rights and authority I mean in the context of those who would think that their words are equal to scripture. But then this would determine if one thinks the canon is closed or not. If a person thinks he has the same authority then I suppose everything that has been spoken over the history of the church until now would constitute adding epistles, etc. to the scriptures.

    True enough an apostle is “a sent one” as in the case of my earthly father who was a “missionary” in Israel. Sent by the Lord to do a work.

    But I wondered if you were talking about your apostleship as those in the NAR.

    I must sign off for now. I am about to host a 1 year birtday party for my granddaughter.

  15. jarrod

    This is my Blog If anyone post like believer x expect to find your comments edited to suit my unique sense of humor. You have been warned. To Tim and Diane I am sorry for this fellows lack of poise and charm.

  16. Not sure about Matthew 13:33, maybe you could give us some insight into 2 peter 1:20.

  17. TimH

    So believerx otherwise known as Kevin on another forum….

    Thanks for the help at CRS this was found here…

    Kevin has been at this at other sites….

  18. Diane S.

    I’m going to speak my mind once more, and then I’m moving on.

    Anyone who claims to have been chosen to receive a revelational message from God that no other Christian has is a false teacher. Period. We are commanded to expose such things, and not even to give a greeting to such. For that reason Kevin, you did not get the response you desired from us. Your vile reaction proves where your teaching really comes from.

    So to those of you who are looking for an audience or disciples with which to share your priviledged wisdom and elite spirituality, a website dedicated to exposing false teaching is not a good place to do so. That should be a no-brainer to begin with. We can see you coming a mile away.

    Kevin, I am praying for you. You seem to be a very troubled person. I sincerely hope you find healing.

  19. Sorry I haven’t kept up with the bx guy around here. I’ve been busy and then ill. At least he knows he’s a troll.

  20. NOLR History

    Do not Post!!

    Please contact me. I have an update on Ernie Gruen.

  21. Tim

    Hey grey coats… what is previous post about??????

  22. Caleb

    Something believerX (Kevin) wrote on the other forum:
    “i have to be careful what i write where anyone can read it. secrets are a stewardship that must be kept”

    Is in direct contradiction to Jesus’ words as recorded in the gospel of Mark; “Do you bring a lamp to put in under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put in on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open. If anyone has ears to hear, LET HIM hear”.

    Greycoats, if you are still around, I would love to be in contact with you. I want to hear your testimony, and also have a few questions. Grace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. Nathaniel

    Yes we are still around. Just not that frequently. Go ahead and start asking…we’ll get to them eventually.

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  25. cindy bernik

    I am attending marantha church here in Mankato Minnesota. I have concerns regarding bob winer and john bevere. Please advise thank you. Cindy in Christ

  26. I could write for days about how much I disagree with you. However, arguing wouldn’t be the Christ-like thing to do.

    Let me plead you to do one thing: pray about all these accusations you’re making about charismatic Christianity. Ask God if these things are true, and ask him to reveal the full truth of who he is to you. He won’t lead you astray.

  27. Josh

    I’m just not really sure what you all stand for. Could you fill me in? Is this site still active?

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